Friday, June 30, 2017

time to

So many things have to do with good timing. When to pick the peaches, is one of them. They look ripe- but they are still a bit too firm. On the other hand, they may ripen on the counter after picking. The birds and squirrels and chipmunks are watching them for readiness, also. They test for ripeness, just as I do. And so, it becomes a matter of timing. Who will get to them first?

The Black Hollyhocks are showing off. These were a gift from a fiber friend, years ago! Their petals make a lovely dye bath, and with an alum/cream of tarter mordant, will yield soft greys on skeins of white wool. This year, I have elected to enjoy the show, and save the seeds, as well as the dye bath, for another time.

Meanwhile, the timing is right for harvesting garlic scapes and dill weed. Mixed with some Philadelphia Brand, they make a tasty dip for spreading on a cracker. This batch was served up and enjoyed by the spinners/knitters/weavers over at the Hatton's last week.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Our neighbor has a peach tree and a squirrel brought a peach over here and left it after eating part of it. It also brought a green apple here.
My hollyhock doesn't have any blooms yet. Patiently waiting.
You are making me hungry.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Caroline said...

Cyndy - I have a big volunteer pokeberry in my yard, have you ever dyed with pokeberry?

cyndy said...

Hi Caroline,

I have avoided dyeing with any berry plants because they are highly fugitive. From what I understand, poke-berry may be used to dye wool and remain colorfast if vinegar (4-5% acetic acid) is used as a mordant. Be-careful handling the plant and berries, as they are known to be toxic...rubber gloves will help!

Caroline said...

Thanks! I may or may not try, depends upon how many berries I get.

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