Monday, December 22, 2003

a christmas bunny

I am very excited to report that I got an email from Claudia at Countrywool telling me that I have a shot at owning one of the new born bunnies! I am very happy about this, as I have had my name on a waiting list and had almost forgotten about the possibility of getting one of these. The bunny will be able to come home with me after the 2nd of February (yet another reason to look forward to groundhogs day!) I told my two does that they will be having a new beau around to impress soon...they cannot wait either!

I am trying to resist the last minute urges I have to start a pair of mittens or a scarf or something. I still have wrapping to do, so it would be foolish of me to put the pressure on now....still it has me wondering why I feel compelled to do this! It must be that I have no current projects going on the needles. I could always finish the weaving that is on the loom, but that would not scratch the itch to start something NEW!

The chickens had a wonderful day out strolling around. The temps went above freezing for a change, and the girls came out to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. You would never know that today was the first day of winter (arriving at 2:04 am), or the December solstice. It is also the shortest day of the year. One of my aracuna hens thought it was so nice today that she decided to come out of her molt, and laid me a pretty blue egg! Tomorrow, they forcast temps in the 50's...time to break out a Hawaiian shirt!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

local show

Just time to make a quick note about the show yesterday. I had a better time than I expected. After my nerves settled down, I had fun talking to folks that were interested in watching me spin. It is amazing how many people have never seen a spinning wheel in action. It is equally amazing how many people think that no one does this anymore! The best part of the day was showing the kids how it works. I must have had twice as many boys watching me (and the wheel with fascination) than girls. Overall, it was a good day. I didn't clean up (I did not expect to)..but I did ok and made a few good contacts and received positive feedback.
Now it is time to kick into over drive and put the petal to the metal on last minute x-mas stuff!
Oh, here is a link to a site for handmade soaps. I have never purchased any, but I am sure to do so very soon, as I met the personable and talented Lori Sickley. I hope to meet with her again soon.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Apple tree is full

When I said that deer season had come to an end, I meant for the people in this house. The season officially ends tomorrow. Last evening there was a knock at the door and a very good neighbor, friend, (and hunter) had a beautiful buck for us. Guess the freezer won't be empty after all!
I am so busy getting ready for the craft show that is being held tomorrow. I have a very bad case of cold feet. I really like making things, but dislike peddling my wares. I will be spinning at the show/sale, so maybe I will just hide behind the table and my wheel!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Apple tree is empty

The apple tree is empty-translation-the guys didn't tag a deer-translation-my freezer has a cold wind whipping through it. So, deer season has come to an end, and my apple tree is empty. Well, I don't actually have an apple tree, but around here the really good hunters I know hang their deer in the apple tree before they get to the freezer. (This is not to ward off other deer from stealing apple from the tree next year.) We hang ours in the maple, but either way...the tree is empty this year. Next year they guys will get a doe license and fill the freezer. From what I hear, most people have an empty apple tree this year. It kind of reminds me of the part in the christmas story movie, where the Bumpasses dogs eat the turkey and the old man says..."no turkey, no turkey leftovers, no gallons of turkey soup...."...we are saying, no venison deer venison stew...and worst of JERKEY! Many thanks to Spaide who shared a bag of his famous homemade jerkey! The advertisements on the top of this page have changed from yarn to hunting! That is an example of life along the riverrim!

Friday, December 05, 2003

now that is a lot of bear

The numbers are starting to roll in and it looks like they will top three thousand! The biggest one I heard of weighed in at 864 lbs! Tomorrow is the last day, so we will see who holds the record. My neighbor took a small male off our mountain yesterday afternoon around 4:10pm. He had to call for help dragging him out (must be around 150-200lbs) and finally got him down and over the stone walls by moonlight. Still not much going on the guys went out on opening day but did not even get a shot off. Its the same story all over, I suspect the deer are bedding down in preparation for this storm that is coming in.

I have been very busy preparing for the craft show, which I come to find out today has been cancelled on account of the storm. In some ways this is good as I have more time to do fibery things. ..however...I should be getting out the christmas decorations! Looks like this storm could be a doosey...I got the shovels out and tucked the chickens in! (sent them to bed with the Halloween pumpkin to nibble on tomorrow) Anyone care to tag in with snow totals??
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