Monday, December 31, 2012

synchronize and sync

It is time to synchronize the clocks...a few more hours and they will tick tock into a new year.

The key to this chore IS the KEY.

I started fine tuning the clocks about a week ago. It is a chore getting them all to keep time together. The bottom of the key winds the clocks, and the opposite end is used to set them to a slower or faster pace.

I don't normally run all my clocks all the time. It is a chore to keep them all going. And it can get a little noisy, what with all the tick-tocks, chimes and cuckoo-ing going on...

The cuckoo keeps time and chime with a series of weights. ..and they must be set at least every other day..tick tick tick...

The clock that my mother painted is battery operated, and requires the least attention to keep it on time. However, when the batteries need to be replaced, it is a big production to take it down off the wall and wrestle the old battery out and replace it with a new one without breaking the mechanism. Thankfully, I only need to do that about once a year.

We did not have a White Christmas...but we will have a snowy New Year. It is beautiful out there...but cold and icy.

When midnight arrives, we will keep with tradition...and send someone out the back door... into the night with the hunk of fresh bread, some salt, a piece of silver, a piece of coal and a bottle of wine. That person will walk around the house and enter with the gifts through the front door. (I hope it isn't me this year!) burrr...

Then we will ring the bells and bang pots and pans for the woodland critters....
Have a Magical Midnight and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Welcome 2013!

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas

May goodness and light be yours! Glad tidings of comfort and joy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

walk with me wed...waiting for wisdom

"the hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” Lisa Wingate

The December skies have been rather bleak these days. The solstice approaches and I am reminded that the extent of daylight is almost six hours less than it was in June, six months ago.

And these very skies that seem to lack the sun, have been producing parhelia, or sundogs.

We are at the nadir of the year...and I miss the light.

While I'm walking, I have a lot to think about. There are decisions to make.

To decide is to walk facing forward with nary a crick in your neck from looking back at the crossroads. ~Betsy CaƱas Garmon

There are things to consider..

Choices are the hinges of destiny. ~Attributed to both Edwin Markham and Pythagoras

and reconsider...

Reconsider, v. To seek a justification for a decision already made. ~Ambrose Bierce

....the decision will not be an easy one. ...there are so many reasons to decide one way...and on the other hand there are the other reasons...

Consider what you think justice requires, and decide accordingly. But never give your reasons; for your judgment will probably be right, but your reasons will certainly be wrong. ~Lord Mansfield

Then again, I've got a quarter in my pocket..heads? or tails....perhaps the choice has already been made for me. One thing for certain..the turning point has almost arrived and soon the sun will shine a little longer. Shine a little light on these dark December days.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

november 2012 phenological events

November 2012

2nd snow buntings arrive
15th rafter turkeys growing
16th eagles fishing over river
19th bare trees
22nd shadows lengthen
27th 4 inches of snow
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