Friday, August 31, 2012

phenological events august 2012

2nd picking sweet peppers
5th picking squash and tomatoes
8th Tussock Caterpillars
15th crickets and cicadas
20th spiders hatch
25th acorns abundant
28th hydrangeas blooming
31st blue mooon

Thursday, August 02, 2012


Most of the berries have finished out (except for the elder berries) and they have been enjoyed! Most found their way into bowl, but there were some set aside for jam, to be enjoyed come winter.

And a project is off the needles:

This is my version of Wingspan. This is a great pattern, one that I would like to do again.

The repetition of the stitch repeats made it a soothing project to work on.

It makes a great project for knitting while engaged in something else, such as conversation, or watching a movie, reading etc. The marker's remind the knitter when to wrap and turn. It is a good exercise for learning short rows.

Wingspan was a good summer project, one that was easy to pick up and put down frequently. The warm summer days were good for locking lots of warm summer rays into the stitches. I'm already thinking ahead to those chilly winter mornings, when I will enjoy Wingspan on my shoulders, and some mixed berry jam on my toast.

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