Friday, July 07, 2017

Sphecodina abbottii

That is a hard one to pronounce! Sphec=Sfeck ??? CODE?? Anyway, it is easier to call it the Abbott's Spinx Moth. Caterpillar. I noticed it on my Grape Vines. They are said to consume 8-10 grape leaves a day. The false eyeball is not on the head, but the tail. Could have fooled me!(not really)

It is also interesting to note, that this caterpiller eats Virginia Creeper and Poison Ivy! They may grow up to 4 inches in length, and they can morph their colors, sometimes becoming green and brown striped.

Over on the other side of the property, my husband was working on a lumber pile and found this shed:

It was in very good condition, however, the head and tail were not intact.

There is a way to identify the type of snake (poisoness and non poisoness) by examining the snake skin sheds. This page had a good explanation of how to do that.

The peaches were finally picked, and the yield was a little over dozen. Not too bad for the first time picking this tree.

The variety is a white peach, clingstone. They were very tasty and didn't last long. There are 2 more trees in the garden that look very promising this year, but they won't be ready to harvest until perhaps, the end of the month.

There has been spinning happening at the Great Wheel...putting aside some cops. ..the finished yardage will determine what I will use it for.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

A cyclops in your garden! I have never seen such a thing. I have found garter snake skins in my garden. I doubt there would ever be a poisonous snake here. There are some in the County but they are few and far between. MMmmmm the peach photos are making me hungry. That yarn is a gorgeous color. You have been mighty busy lately. Cheers.

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