Sunday, September 30, 2012

phenological events September 2012

1st Blue Moon

5th harvesting peppers

9th harvesting sweet corn

12th birch and maples loosing leaves

15th mushroom bounty

19th harvesting winter squash

Friday, September 21, 2012

squash bounty

This has been a very good summer for squash. Summer and Winter Squash vines have been producing, beautiful Cucurbitas!!

Our area has not had a frost yet, so the flowers and vines continue to grow.

We have been harvesting squash and herbs for winter storage. The horseradish had a good summer too. And the basil is bigger than recent memory conjures up.

The millipedes are on the march! I see them crossing the road, and take time out to sit and watch where they are going.

They are busy doing millipede things. They do not notice me. I place obstacles in their way to see how they behave. Mostly, they continue on in the same direction they are going. They are on millipede missions.

The Endless Mountains Fiber Festival has come and gone! My tea cozy took a blue ribbon! Nice pattern by Kate Davis, many thanks, Kate!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

of mushrooms and monarchs

The Pee Gee Hydrangeas are blooming. The air is heavy with their perfume.

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere. They cover the forest floor, they hide under the ferns.

Thoughts of venturing deeper into the forest to hunt for them, cross my mind. I think better of it. The bears and ticks have been around. I stay on the path.

A different view point makes me think of Alice.

It is September. The acorns begin to fall. The shadows are changing.

The color has started. The crickets chirp.

And the Monarchs begin to migrate.

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