Monday, May 01, 2006

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What a beautiful weekend it was.  We didn't get any fishing in, but the Shadbush was blooming everywhere.  I love seeing that tree.  You would think that with all the white of snow on the landscape over the winter that a white blossom wouldn't do much to excite the eye, but the shadbush flower has such long petals that flitter in the breeze, I can't help but admire it.  When I was up close to the tree- I pulled some branches over to take a whiff of the blooms.
Hummm...not so nice...a bit acrid.  They look much prettier than they smell.
This past weekend marked a milestone...and so we noted it as we do other milestones around the riverrim, with the planting of a tree....well actually two trees this time.  One is a nice tart cherry called Montmorancy.  Sour cherry trees are self-pollinating, and so do not require a second tree to produce fruit.
The other tree is a nice heirloom crabapple that goes by the name of Whitby.  Supposedly the blossom or the fruit resembles that of a sheep's nose, so it is nicknamed a "sheepnose crabapple".  The fruit will be an inch to inch and 1/2 around, and they are sweet enough to eat off of the tree.  I think they will make excellent sauce and jelly and glaze.
We planted both trees inside the garden so that they would be protected from the deer and the bear (of course the bear could just push down the fence if he really wants in, but so far he has left the blueberries alone...)
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I worked on the embossed leaves socks...finished one, turned the heal on the other.  Nothing accomplished on the loom, but have finished spinning half the Finn/Alpaca on the wheel.
Also, had the first harvest of the year from the garden!
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Managed to get half of the broccoli in the ground, as well as all the lettuce and the beetberry.  The peas are up, so are the shallots...beets are in the ground, but not showing.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse are getting big enough to transplant, so I might take a chance and put them in early. 
The towhee has arrived, but still no sign of the hummmers or the catbird.
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