Saturday, October 08, 2011

prediction confliction


It would seem that this woolly bear caterpillar is predicting a mild winter. "According to legend, the wider that the middle brown section is (or, the more brown segments there are), the milder the coming winter will be"


...but then...what about ALL THESE ACORNs that keep falling? ..Legend has it that if there is an abundance of acorns to harvest, it predicts a harsh winter. hum...I believe we have a prediction confliction at hand.


This Hickory Tussock moth caterpillar seems unaffected. What ever will be will be.

Photobucket And I am spinning an autumn colorway...this is hand-dyed (jacquard acid dyes) Gotland locks..hand carded...spun long draw on the Canadian Production Wheel...

For those that keep is the riverrim woolly bear in 2006...and here is another one from 2008 ...they are always fun to find!


Anonymous said...

Are your oak trees healthy? Sometimes they produce tons of acorns when they're stressed, diseased and/or dying.

Beautiful autumn colored yarn! Do you know yet what it's intended for?

Gertieanne said...

So does this mean we will have about 4.5 months of winter? If you count the brown rings?

Vlaďka said...

Hello Cyndy, your autumn yarn is very nice. I like these colors.
And what about acorns? There are a large number of acorns in my region. Walking around the ponds I am afraid they hit me. This beats to the watter-level like drums. Today we have only 3°C. Brrrr... I hate it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have seen several crossing the roads lately. The weather men are already predicting that Chicago will have a snowy cold winter. What else is new up there?? ha... I always go by the persimmon seed myself. I haven't seen one yet this fall though.

Cathy said...

Haven't seen a caterpillar here all fall (maybe I haven't been looking in the right places)

Love the Gotland!!

OH! My verification word is "lookeri"

Cathy said...

Check out the cup for spinning flax on this wheel for sale:

cindy said...

Great color on your bobbin. May the winter be mild!

Valerie said...

I found an almost completely brown wooly bear in the garden last week. Last year I found an almost completely black one. Since last winter was relentless, I'm counting on this year's wooly bear to get me through!
(and my verification word is "rests"...perhaps as in "give it a rest!")

elizabeth said...

I've noticed an abundance of acorns too, but haven't had the pleasure of seeing a wooly bear! I hope for a mild winter for you, and a blustery winter for us (for a change).

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