Saturday, August 27, 2011

buckets of rain


I've been reading a very old book that is full of the history of the little river that flows by my cabin. It is interesting to note, that the river has seen many changes over the years.

These changes are a result of man and environment, I think about the changes as I make my check list for the upcoming hurricane...and I find myself humming a Dylan tune..."Buckets of Rain". Irene is coming.


A powerful storm. Spinning. Around and around again. S-Twist. Counter-clockwise. Widdershins. She reminds me of the spiral galaxies as seen from the Hubble telescope.

It isn't as if I haven't seen hurricanes in these parts before. Hurricane Ivan has been the worst to come to the riverrim..hum...that storm had an "I" name too.

Many folks have been evacuated from their homes for this storm. So far, we have not had a call. So, the list is checked, and doubled checked. I'm thinking we may not sleep upstairs tonight, and crossing my fingers that the big oak tree next to the cabin will keep its feet firmly planted in the ground. Hoping tomorrow that the bridge will hold and that the water won't get too high!


And that I'll be back in time for my blogiversary ;-) Stay safe....see ya after the storm!


Judy said...

JT has to work tomorrow which is a worry but other than that we are ready for whatever happens...I hope! Stay safe.

Lynn said...

The center of my town is at the confluence of two rivers, one small, one middling-sized. A couple of winters ago, ice jams just about took out a bridge and flooded the basements of several homes. I looked at old maps of the town, wanting to know where the river's channel had been in the past, and discovered that the river was - but is no longer - braided right in the center of town. (That explains why there's an Island Street; the channel it crossed was filled in decades ago.) No wonder the river floods. No wonder there are flood control dams on both rivers upstream of town. People like to think they can control these rivers, but I wonder, I wonder.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope that all of your precautions held and your area has no damage. Sounds like power outages are the worst that happened in many places. Take care and let us know how things are as soon as you have power. We are hoping for some rain here. Only a half inch of rain for August and the last part of July. Maybe Irene will stir up some for our area.

Cathy said...

Hoping all went well and you are high and dry and the oak tree is still upright.

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