Saturday, November 12, 2011

novemberbeaver moon


We had a lovely frosty full moon last night. I should have hung my fine linens out on the clothes line for bleaching. Maybe next month.

The sunlight and moonlight of November have made me restless. As restless as the oak leaves rustling underfoot..everything seems crisp, the light, the leaves, the air..I am restless and alert. I wake in the night with eyes wide open and moonlight pouring in my window. It is so lovely, I roll over, closer to the window where I stare and stare at the blue black sky and white stars. Who can sleep when there is so much beauty going on outside?

The whitetail are restless too. The rutting season almost over, they are always on the move, hard to photograph. In a few weeks, they will settle down..the leaves will settled down too, and winter will settle in.


This years fawn still tags along with mama, not ready to go it alone.


Not wanting to be left behind, not wanting obstacles to come between them...the fawn is restless too....


The seasons are changing. Maybe that is why- the restlessness. Are you ready? Are you finished? ..the wind is bringing the change as it chases the leaves across the field. ..yes..sometimes I can almost see it happening..season overlap...summer not yet finished, but winter wanting to begin...



Vlaďka said...

I love your pictures with animals.
Tonight there shone a beautiful moon too but there was also a big frost.
We saying - Saint Martin arrives on a white horse (11.11.). But this year has been delayed. Never mind. I don´t like winter.
Have a nice day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am restless too. The wind we are having is adding to this restless time. It sounds colder than it feels. Ha... Have a great week.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I lay awake staring at the predawn moon the other night too. Can you really bleach fine linens in the full moon???

Valerie said...

The moon woke me up last night and I got up and gazed out the window to see the bright yellow leaves on the tree down the hill.

I'm not ready, and I'm not finished yet. The winds are too high today to do much outside work safely.

Lovely post, Cyndi

judy said...

It has been amazingly bright. The night shadows are a favorite of mine. Love that you are able to get close enough to take the pictures of the fawn.

Judy said...

Just when I think I am ready I think of 10 things that still need to be done. Glad the rut will be over soon..make it safer to drive. I almost hit two.

fiberjoy said...

The past two nights have been deep dark with high, thick clouds obscuring the moon. A few nights ago I woke up and watched the moon move across a portion of the bedroom window.

Yes, is it true that linens will bleach under the full moon?

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