Wednesday, January 13, 2010

walk with me wed. ice dreams


The ice that formed these valleys and carved these hills is long gone. I imagine how powerful it must have been. Primal ice.

Today, the temperature went up above freezing for the first time this year. But it is January, and there is ice everywhere I look.


The Mergansers don't mind the icy waters at all. The drakes find a sunny place in calm waters to preen their plumage. I love to watch them dive, they stay underwater for what seems like a long time. I try to hold my breath- along with them, but it is difficult!




Castor canadensis has been here. The beaver reminds me to build on my dreams, and to work diligently to make them real. I needed this reminder today. Life can sometimes change course and dreams can seem to be out of reach.


I take a handful of chips to study...and to remind myself.


Sharon said...

your photos are fabulous as usual Cyndy. Its amazing the lessons we can learn from nature, if we are willing to listen. Take care, Sharon

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is funny I wrote about getting out Wednesday too. Nothing like a January thaw to lift the spirits.

Like the Beaver you work hard when you can and when something happens to take you off track toward your dreams you let you work lie and get back to it as soon as possible. Don't give up.

I love the DaVinci quote at the bottom of the page. A river flows here too.

Judy said...

The pictures are beautiful but all that kept going through my mind was..."the temperature went up above freezing for the first time this year". Sometimes it is the smallest things that make me happy!!!

Cathy said...

Sensory overload here - after a week of deprivation (off line due to illness).

Lovely, all of it.

Thank you.

thecrazysheeplady said...


Jody said...

We too are having a 'warm spell'here in Ontario. I need to start listening to nature more often to see if she has any words of wisdom for me :)

judy said...

Our thaw held off until this afternoon. It did go above freeeezing.
I expect a lot of new decorative willows popping up around my pond this spring. I was sad when I saw his last year's destruction, but will enjoy the new show.
He'd better stay away from the apple trees.

Tina. said...

Ilove the pictures, thanks for sharing your walk with us!

Valerie said...

Hope your dreams are at your fingertips today. And that all is well with you and yours.

The stone wall...when we were on vacation in Oct. (the Ky. trip) there was a Dry Stone Wall Conservancy competition at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village where we were staying. Yours looks like one of those walls. Very interesting history there.

elizabeth said...

There are good lessons to be learned in nature. I'm hoping to go to the woods next weekend, weather and plantar fasciitis permitting!

Bookofchange said...

You live in a beautiful place. I feel so relaxed after enjoying your photos.
- gy

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