Monday, January 11, 2010

power down


Not very long ago, we had a power outage. It happened early in the evening. Too early to go to bed. It was a good thing I had purchased the new candles, and lamp oil.


With the coal/wood stove keeping us warm and providing hot water for coffee, and the oil lamps providing light...I was pretty cozy. I also fired up my Mp3 player and listened to tunes while knitting. Aside from the light, it was a night like any other.


This photo is for Leigh, I thought of her fireside sock photo.....and took one of my "candleside" sock.


I finished the pair up and got them packed and shipped. Can't find the ticket for the yarn and have forgotten the name..(it is around here somewhere!) is a superwash. Can you put superwash in the dryer?

The pattern is an old standby, only I modified the ribbing and instead of a k2 p2, I used a K2 p1.


As I took these photos, it occurred to me that I forgot to take photos of several projects that were completed and shipped out. More is the pity. They are gone and soon to be forgotten!


Judy said...

There is nothing like have a coal/woodstove when the lights go out. We had company and had just made coffee so we all just sat around the table bs-ing. Glad it didn't last as long as they first said though!!!

cindy said...

That's what is so wonderful about what we do. We can do it without power!!! Love the woodpeckers in an earlier post.

The Gingerbread House said...

Cyndy, the pictures of the light and the knitted sock were wonderful! It reminded me of the "olden days" when life was simpler :o) looked so comfortable..all I needed was a cup of tea and a slice of cake for the two of us...Ginny

Leigh said...

I love it! And what great yarn. The socks are beautiful. Glad to see you so well prepared for power outages too.

Tam said...

Lovely cozy post...glad the power wasn't out too long...fortunately ours stayed on.
The socks looks great!
I wash my superwash wool in the washer gently but lay it flat to to reshape the socks as they dry.
Happy Knitting :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

You make it all seem like it was no hardship at all :-).

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