Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter moments

Cold weather, snow and wind blown days bring the wild ones in from the wood.


Early in the morning hours, I count the hens. Most days I count 36 of them.

Their feet point the way. Can you tell if they are coming or going?


The whitetail come looking near the hen house and rabbit hutch for any dropped pieces of hay or corn.


The porcupine sits up high in the Hemlock, and drops branches to the deer below.


Movements are slow, now that the cold and ice are here.

Mostly, they don't mind when I use my camera.


But there are those moments when we startle each other.

Back inside -loose ends are being tied together as the clock begins to wind down on 2009.


Tomorrow brings the winter solstice, the shortest day will show the longest shadows.


Leigh said...

As usual, I love your photos. Even though tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, the days usually seem to take their time getting longer.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is a lot of turkeys to have roaming around in your garden. I hope they leave some greens. What with all of those critters dining in your garden. I can only imagine the destruction they could do. I hope not. Beautiful photos.

Manise said...

Love the foot prints! I saw 3 turkeys in a yard yesterday. The hen I had over the summer in my wetland and lawn seems to have gone. Hopefully not eaten by a predator. The cutest foot prints were the ones the juncos left during our snow on the deck looking for tidbits.

Judy said...

I walked out the door the other night and I don't know who was more surprised - the deer raiding the birdseed or me. She ran, I screamed, the dogs all came running and barking...and Curt laughed. If I don't see you or talk to you beforehand, Merry Christmas to you and the family.

The Gingerbread House said...

Hi Cyndy, glad to see you posting again, I missed you!!..hope you have been well!
Have a Merry Christmas you and your family...Ginny

Sharon said...

Hope the shadows are not too long on this winter solstice for you. Us on the other hand celebrated the light, with a lovely outdoors lunch with some good friends. I like the reminders that we are all at different points on the wheel of life! May the light begin to grow for you now, and enjoy your christmas!

Valerie said...

I love this post! thank you....and happy solstice to you!

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