Monday, November 16, 2009

focus and distract

I've not been walking lately. For what seems like a myriad of reasons..(all of which I will not subject you to, dear reader)...I have not spent very much time outdoors.


Yesterday, I ventured out and saw the eagle. I almost didn't. I was on my way inside when he called to me. If he hadn't called, I would not have noticed. Have you ever heard an eagle call to you?


He called twice before I found him. His eyes were on me long before I met his gaze. I figured he must have seen me walk over the bridge and back before he called. The camera wants to focus on the branches in front of him. The auto digital focus is confused, and as a result, my photos are blurry. Times like this I want my old manual 35mm Minolta. With the zoom.


We looked at each other for a pretty long time.


Those eyes, oh my....what to say about those eyes. I was the one who broke the stare and left first.

Spare moments in the morning are spent with coffee and a wonderful book (Art on the Rocks- Stone Wonder, by Bruce Hucko) that Cathy sent my way. Tucked into the box I also found this lovely spindle that her husband made, along with a Shetland Silk blend--hand dyed "Desert Canyon". I am so enjoying working with this. I work slowly.... thinking, spinning,.... reading, spinning, thinking...


The combination fills my mind with inspiration--and the hours in the day don't provide enough time to devote to projects.

In order not to become frustrated by the menial business of the day..I allow my daydreams and project techniques to distract me from time to time. Diversionary tactics. That's my strategy, and I'm sticking to it.


Life Looms Large said...

It's great that you got any eagle pictures!!

In October, my husband and I were hiking in Colorado along the banks of a river. I was worried about snakes. Just when I'd convinced myself that it was too cold for snakes, sure enough I was startled by a snake next to the trail.

I screamed a little.

Just then an eagle flew down the canyon, only 20 feet over my head, and called to me. It was magical.

I think my scream somehow caused him to do that. It was really cool!


Judy said...

Beautiful pictures of the eagle. I saw one about a week ago down about 1/2 mile from your place. I was going to stop but life called and I continued on. Glad you were able to stop and appreciate his beauty.

Phiala said...

November seems to be all about diversionary tactics this year, doesn't it?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

OH my, to walk out and see an Eagle would be awesome. That yarn is beautiful. I can see why it would inspire you.

Jody said...

Sounds like a wonderful strategy Cyndy:)
What a majestic and awe inspiring bird...I hope to see one someday.

Tam said...

Awesome pictures of the eagle Cyndy!
Just love what you are spinning too, lovely color!
My spinning wheel and I are friends again :-)Spinning time is daydreaming time for me.

elizabeth said...

Once you've heard an eagle's cry, you never forget it. One of these days I'll post my eagle pic and tell the story. Should've done it for our anniversary, ah well, there's always next year! (I'll come back and oogle your pictures on my home computer)

Valerie said...

Don't you love those little gifts that you get just because you stopped and looked!? Thanks for sharing the eagle photo's.

what a lovely spindle and fiber!!

The Gingerbread House said...

Very intersting post with the Eagle, what a treat to be called by it....and your Spinning is lovely (as always) ...I need to get some ambition to start back to spinning and Cyndy your a spark to light a fire...Ginny

Leigh said...

What a delight to see that eagle. The photos came out just fine too. So are those spindled singles, too.

thecrazysheeplady said...

An eagle called to you. Wow. That's a gift. Glad you were able to get some shots.

At least it wasn't an owl ;-D.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

How lucky you are that the eagle called you. What a sight.

Sharon said...

They are magnificent birds! Truly stunning.

Cathy said...

Wonderful photos!

Yesterday we had to run errands so I raptor-watched. The only one I didn't see (other then owls, since it was noon!) was the eagles - goldens and bald.

So you gave me that sight - thank you.

Wait! Is that a sycamore the eagle is in? I love those trees and miss them now that I am back in CO.

That's a piece of sandstone from somewhere in the desert. The spinning is lovely - glad you like the book as much as I do - lots of inspiration there, huh.

Leslie Shelor said...

I see lots of hawks but rarely see an eagle here...magnificent. And the spindle is lovely, along with the spinning!

Anonymous said...
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abby jenkins said...

wow, those eyes are intense!

I was sitting in our atrium one day just watching the little birdies at the birdfeeder outside when all of a sudden BOOM! a redtailed hawk grabbed an unsuspecting sparrow right off the feeder. I felt somewhat responsible, like I was baiting the songbirds but figured it's just survival of the fittest right?

Nice blog by the way!

Marcy said...

Were you able to figure out why s/he called to you?

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Gorgeous! I've never seen an eagle. Plenty of hawks of various types and wild turkeys, but never an eagle. Thank you for sharing the sight with us. M makes fantastic spindles, I'm sure you'll enjoy it for a long time!

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