Monday, August 03, 2009

does life imitate knitting- or does knitting imitate life

Has it happened to you?


Life is sailing along, no worries, things unfolding according to plan, no bumps~


There are days, when life can be as smooth as a strand of silk coming from a center pull ball -then suddenly- things just seem to get messed up. Stuff happens. You have hit a giant snag.


You don't know how, you don't know why...(winding the center-pull didn't indicate that there would be any problems)....nonetheless, the snag remains... And you are left to sort it all out. And it is such a big snag that you cannot move along with your project until you do something about it.

Which do you do?

a. reach for the scissors immediately --cut your losses and move on

b. try to patiently untangle the mess, but then reach for the scissors cut your losses and move on

c. patiently and with determination --with a "no matter how long it takes attitude", untie the snarl and try to move on with your project that will forever show a portion of yarn that looks worse for the wear, reminding you of the snag

d. stuff the entire project in a bag to marinate until you decide what to do...

and then there is always...none of the above...


I wonder if my methods of smoothing out snags in knitting reflect my methods of smoothing out the snarls and problems I face in the day to day world. Maybe it is the other way around, and knitting has taught me a few ways to untangle some issues that need to be addressed. One thing is for certain, I hardly ever reach for the scissors. (And in real life, the options aren't always as clear.)

Photobucket ps...I normally choose "c" or "none of the above".


Cathy said...

Love the cone flowers (mine never survive past the 1st year...) and the lily.

And the tangle.

It depends on how bad the tangle is but I usually spend hours untangling.

Lynn said...

There was just an article on grit in the NY Times - apparently those who keep on working their way through obstacles are the ones who triumph in the end.

Me, I haven't knit in months - too much spinning and weaving going on around here!

judy said...

c. Anything but means a Russian join.

Wonderful post. I was wondering at the beginning where you were going to take it. Still untangling, you?

Tina. said...

Thanks for the post. I too am dealing with a real life predicament and wish it was as easy to entangle then that ball of yarn! Have a great day!

Valerie said...

wonderful post, cyndy.
I'm a "c" kind of gal. In fact, I kind of like working out a snarly knot and wondering at how they happen.

Unless, of course, the yarn is red. Then "d" applies. (ahem)

Manise said...

Nice post. I never cut, esp my handspun if tangled, and never knit from the center of a center pull ball- always from the outside. The center usually tangles or throw up it's "guts" at the least opportune time.

Looks like you rewound it. Or is it a new ball? So it ended well? For a minute I thought you had frogged the project in a fit, but noticed the knitting intact underneath. :-)

Anne said...

I'm a C-er too. I think it's my formative years in Quaker school where we did a lot of patience-building exercises apparently. Sometimes those, A is the best choice, but I tend to go along with C when I probably shouldn't.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am a b then d or call my DB to come look at it.

Tam said...

Great post!
Beautiful flowers!
I "usually" try C first with some chocolate on the side.

Joanne said...

I am a "c" knitter. However, I'm not always a patient person, and sometimes my husband or mother has to help me. Also, I'm sad to say that in life? I'm much more likely to use those scissors than I am to stick with C. I am sort of patient, but only to a point! I stick at things, but consistently try to problem solve and find a "better way" than endlessly working on the knot.

Very interesting metaphor and gorgeous photos!

elizabeth said...

Reaching for the scissors never entered my mind! There's a sick part of me that kinda likes to unravel knots.

Hope you're better today and the rain has stopped!

cindy said...

I am definitely a "c". To prove it you must know that several knitting friends spent several hours to untangle a skein of sock yarn And believe it or not had much fun in the process.

Sharon said...

Without a doubt 'c'!!

Leslie Shelor said...

I'd do 'c' as well...unraveling knots is an old specialty of mine. I even work them out of old chains of costume jewelry!

Leigh said...

C. And if that doesn't work D. :)

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