Friday, July 31, 2009

phenological events 7/09

phenological events

July 2009

1st- Cage Tomatoes
harvesting broccoli
harvesting currants
3rd- lightening bugs
mushrooms everywhere!
5th- clip Angora Lakota
16th- planting carrots
18th- planting turnips
19th- weed WEEDING weedest
tick removed from arm
20th- harvesting potatoes
21st- late blight appears
26th- late blight destroys tomato
crop, lessens potato yields

1 comment:

Manise said...

My tomatoes are suffering big time. And the one plant that had 7 green San Marzano tomatoes on it?? A deer ate them without a trace- except for the tipping of a few bean plants next to it. Arg!

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