Wednesday, August 12, 2009

keeping up with production


There is going to be a fiber festival at Fort Delaware in Narrowsburg on August 29th. I will be vending in the Hatton's booth. In addition to making buttons for sale at the festival, I am making a pioneer costume to wear. I decided to sew the skirt and got a pattern at "Abrahams Lady" when I was down in Gettysburg last month. My old singer treadle machine needs a new belt. I've tried patching the old one, and it finally gave up, there is too much slack on the belt and it won't grab. I finished the waistband on the skirt by turning the drive wheel by hand, ugh.

The garden is not as productive compared to years past. The weather has not been cooperative. There are, however, some vegetables that are performing and showing reasonable yields...on an average day of picking I'm getting at least a gallon zip lock bag of broccoli side shoots, a little over a gallon of green beans, 6 or 7 sweet peppers, 4 or 5 summer squash and 8 or 9 ears of corn. The elderberries have ripened and so have the crabapples. Oh, and the chickens continue to be productive!


I picked the Whitney crabapples, and the size of them makes me happy. The tree didn't produce many blossoms this spring, but the individual fruit that developed from each blossom was impressive!


The summer squash is starting to come in, and it is important to check the size of those each day, least the zukes become as big as baseball bats...the patty pans are called "flying saucer" I think...or was it UFO? UFO is appropriate where my knitting is concerned, I haven't managed to finish many projects these days...


Finally, the sweet corn is ready. The ears are only about 8 inches long, but fully pollinated ears are always a blessing.



judy said...

leather drive band? Could you use a stretchy drive band? Like the one I use on the skein winders?
Your garden is at least producing. Nice straight ears of corn, too.

Anne said...

Your bounty from the garden is really beautiful - there will be time enough for knitting and spinning and other fiber projects once the summer has finished flying by. Enjoy it while you can! :)

And is it tomorrow I should come back and sing something happy-ish?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh stop you are making me hungry. You have your very own farmers market. How do you cook those funny looking squash?? I love the looks of them but have never bought them because I don't know what to do with them.

Tina. said...

Your veggies look good and yours is producing better then mine except for the squash, mine is doing really well, the corn will be midgit size if at all, the beans are trying to rebound from the deer, well see....and I agree with Anne, soon enough we wont be able to be out of doors, so got to enjoy today, and save the knitting for later!

Judy said...

I have green beans and cuc's. The elderberries by me aren't ready yet but I need jelly so I hope the birds don't get them first! Making a trip to the farmer's market sometime next week to fill the gaps.

Jody said...

What a great looking harvest! My pear tree has some cute little pears on it (not sure when to pick them though) and I have some nice Macintosh apples too.

Tam said...

Nice veggies and fruit Cyndy!

Leslie Shelor said...

Looking good in the garden! I planted everything so late...the bean plants are beautiful...and so are the blooms!

pacalaga said...

lemme know where you get the band for your machine - I need one.

fiberjoy said...

Ymmm, scrumptious looking vegetables, and such a variety.

Old sewing machines are unbeatable - except when they break down. ugh, turning the drive wheel by hand. Can you borrow one until you have the time to fix it?

Best wishes in using time well so you can accomplish everything that needs doing before the upcoming shows. Shows are severe taskmasters!

Leigh said...

Yummy photos. I envy your production even if your weather hasn't been cooperative! Next year though I will plant more and I hope to have more to share and put up.

I hope you do well at the fiber festival. Sounds like a lot of fun and you've obviously been busy preparing for it!

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