Thursday, July 23, 2009

trying to keep current with currants

Elizabeth over at trailing yarn sent me an interesting link to an article about currants.


I was happy to read that black currants are being offered for sale in NY...and I liked the thought of the sorbet made out of my red currant harvest...(thanks for the heads up Elizabeth!)


I didn't get much of a harvest this year. This has been a very busy summer, and when the currants were prime for the picking, I was not able to get out there. Most of them were lost to the catbirds. Next year, I will be more determined, and bird netting will have to be placed over the bushes again.


As I picked currants, I noticed that the walking onions and Stella Dora Lily are competing for space. .. they need to be divided. I hear them complaining. But other tasks await, and dividing plants will not happen for several months yet. I try to ignore their whining and leave them to duke it out themselves.


Spindling silk and there..while I spindle...I spend time adoring the roses, soaking in the color of July, and listening to the sounds of the river. This natural silk will have lots of summer goodness locked into it.


pacalaga said...

Oooh, silky summer goodness!

Judy said...

I made some jam with my currants. Will the catbirds get the blackberry harvest also? It will be starting soon.

cyndy said...

My blackberries are very small this year...hopefully, the catbird won't be a problem...I lost all my blueberries to him and the chipmunks!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to be outside and not cook until well done??
Everything and everyone (except pool people) are enjoying the cooler temps of this summer so far. I guess I shouldn't say this outloud but it has been wonderful. Those red currants look like gooseberries to me.

finnsheep said...

Yummy silk! Is it tussah? I have some set aside, but keep finding things I must spin first.

Sharon said...

Your summer garden photos are really warming on a cold winter's night here. Wishing you lots of good harvests!

Leslie Shelor said...

The silk is lovely...and so fine! I've been carrying my spindle around with me, too. I'm sharing my blackberries with the birds right now!

Artis-Anne said...

Love reading your post :) never heard of catbirds before !! and your walking onions we call Welsh onions here; think I rather your name for them:)
Gorgeous silk spinning too and I am glad I am not the only one ignoring tasks in favour of spinning ;)

vanessa said...

we didn't get any blackberries in central florida this summer. no rain in the spring :-(

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