Thursday, March 05, 2009

walk with me wednesday in dreamland


I didn't get a chance to walk yesterday...I really wanted to, but it was just a very busy day, and every time I got ready to go, something got in the way, and the walk never happened.

Finally- I went to bed...and I went walking somewhere very unusual...

"Its a long, long way from canada
A long way from snow chains
Donkey vendors slicing coconut
No parkas to their name
Dreamland, dreamland
Dreamland, dreamland"
Joni Mitchell...

....I walked all around in a wonderful garden (humm...I sorted my seed basket out yesterday- must have triggered a nerve).

In the dream, I saw the most wonderful plant. The leaves were like nothing from this world, and they were important and needed to be collected. For what seemed like a very long time (dreams can be deceiving this way) I selected perfect leaves and picked them, and held them carefully but tightly in my hand.

I heard a wood thrush and woke up. Was this my woodthrush outside? Has he returned from his winter hiatus? Or was the music of his voice in my dream? Hard to tell...I waited - listening- and noticed that my hand was still clenched but didn't have the leaves in it. What a pity. They were quite beautiful.

Onto fiber, I have prepared the last of the cria fleece by combing and dizzing and making nests.

In an attempt to make a yarn that changes in value gradations-- I tried sorting the lighter colors from the darker, and have now arranged them in order to spin. It is a difficult exercise for me. Reminds me of all those Munsell color chips...


I never was any good at separating out the shades of gray.


I'm spindle spinning it....want to play "guess how much my spindle weighs?"


Jody said...

I find that grey alpaca fleeces have so many shades of grey within just one fleece. I guess thats what makes it so special. I am working on some alpaca sock yarn with an incredible grey fleece that is two toned (never seen one like it before). It has a very long staple and intense crimp. Will post about it on my blog soon :)Luv Joni too.

Manise said...

How much does your spindle weigh? With the full cop or without? I'll have to assume the latter. Judging by the size of your cop and the whorl, you probably are using a 3 inch cherry Golding Tsunami spindle which weighs 1.9 ounces on its own. The fiber is probably another 2 oz - you have a lot on there. All together with the fiber on it I'd say 3.9 ounces tops. Love your gray fiber btw.

elizabeth said...

I don't know, but that looks like a pretty heavy spindle! The little nests are sooo pretty - I'm guessing you don't have a cat!

Sharon said...

I absolutely love grey alpaca, its my favourite! The little nests look so soft. Wonder what this will be when it grows up.

knitting dragonfly said...

Good gosh, you must have muscles now, giggle, how much does it weigh? Yarn looks beautiful, and subtle.

Marcy said...

What a big, fat, fluffy cop! And this is why I think it's so funny when people get all exercised over the starting weight of a spindle. Is it 15 grams or 18 grams? 1 oz or 1.2 oz. People! Once you wind on some yarn, it doesn't weigh that any more! Ha! Thanks for the opportunity for a mini-vent.

DebbieB said...

I love all those little nests lined up for spinning!!! I'll bet your spindle (with the yarn on it) weighs 2 ounces.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a pleasant dream. I love the nests of fiber. They look so pretty lined up together.

Valerie said...

I like the idea that the woodthrush sound was in your dream (I've been looking for someone else who has auditory only perhaps I'll push you there!)

Hmm the spindle and the cop together?
I'm going to say 3.2 oz.

I love making those little nests as well. Did you keep the combing waste for some other use?

judy said...

I think that was a smaller spindle. If you have an ounce on it, that would be quite a lot. Total wt. 1.65 oz. lol.... of course, I can't remember what wt. you bought.

It was quite a night for dreams. I'm still thinking about mine. Not so nice as yours but very fantastic.

Judy said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream. I couldn't sleep and when I did the dog woke me up barking at a deer in the woods. I got the kids off to school and fell asleep SIL called and woke me up 3X. I gave up and will try again tonight. Maybe I will play in my seed basket before I go to bed to egg a good one on?!

Tam said...

Sounds like a wonderful dream....the "nests" are very pretty, all lined up, ready to be spun...if they were here my kitties would think they were new toys to play with! Have a wonderful warm spring like weekend!

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