Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday morning atmosphere

This morning my coffee tasted perfect.


There were small snow flakes falling on my way to let the chickens out to range. I noticed that a frog woke up. It was a nice sight to see. There was a little space about 4 inches around, where there wasn't any ice, and the frog was catching some sun. The camera caught a little snowflake behind the frog that looked like a star. It is nice to know the frogs are waking up.


The chickens were waiting at the gate. Yesterday we had a long warm rain and some fog. It helped to eat up the snow. This morning, I smell the earth for the first time this year. The chickens run to the side lawn, eager to find something good to eat.


The tail's are up, all is right with their world.

I'm glad they are healthy after being in the run for so many days. They don't like to venture out onto the snow unless I put hay down, and I don't do that very much.


I originally took this photo with the intent of showing you what a good healthy chicken comb should look like. See how red and full it is?


When I opened the file on my computer, I noticed something odd at the bottom of the looks like a glory or a halo or something....but I just love the shape! I wish I had captured the entire thing...(ps..thanks to rurality for the link to the optics page! It was just what I was looking for!


The chicken featured in the photo is the one who always lays the humdingers. That is what we call those eggs that are larger than the rest. I think I might need to make a quiche or bake something to use up the humdingers...they are laying faster than we can use them!


The Gingerbread House said...

Oh! Mercy Cyndy, what beautiful eggs and I love the way you captured them in the Sunlight..
what blessings you have, Chickens and your own eggs. God is good! ...Ginny

DebbieB said...

Cyndy, I just love your imagery. I often read your blog out loud to my husband. It is so different from the life we live here in the suburbs of the city. It just breathes "peace".

Sue said...

Lovely post! I heard the Pacific tree frogs in full chorus in my side yard last night, which was great. I wish I lived next door to you- I'd happily buy some of those eggs that you can't use up fast enough. Fresh eggs are so much better!

Sharon said...

Your chickens are beautiful. I wish mine would be as eager to lay, still no eggs, but I think our heatwave has really knocked them about. Funny how we have such different challenges and yet much of the routines are similar!

Jody said...

mmmm..those eggs look so fresh and yummy :) When I was young we had chickens (and horses and a sow too).

Tameson said...

We've had some skunks waking up recently but certainly no frogs. Luckily, that also means my sump pump is still on winter break! Won't be long now, though and both the frogs and the sump pump will be croaking away.

elizabeth said...

Mmmmm...quiche! Or frittata! because "frittata" is so much fun to say!

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