Saturday, February 28, 2009

phenological events Feb 2009

phenological events

February 2009

6th- flocks of bluebirds
8th- 4 hens laying
9th- turkeys strut in the morning
20th- woodpeckers drilling
24th- porcupine still in hemlock
25th- snow cover off the garden
28th- frogs wake up


Stasia said...

I love your phenological entries; they remind me to take note of nature here as well.

I think our frogs are all frozen inside of ice cubes at present. Got another few inches of snow (all in three hours) this week, and it's currently a balmy 13 degrees.

Remind me to retire in Arizona...

OH! We're getting a new donkey! Pictures soon!!

Life Looms Large said...

I love this a nature watcher myself!!

We're getting snow at the our signs of spring are a little subtle - but at least it's March now!


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