Friday, August 22, 2008

in and out of the bean patch

DH- "hey cyn, where are you?"


ME- "down here...working the bean patch"

DH- "you're still down there? what is taking you so long?"


The answer was simple...there has been a bountiful harvest of beans this year. I only planted 2 rows--honest!!


I've been spending most of my time in the bean patch picking...When I'm not there I can be found in the kitchen, packing them.


Some were packed for the freezer. Some were packed for the shelf (thanks to Judy and Rita, for the use of the pressure canner!) I have over 18 quarts and 6 pints on the shelf. Once it is on the shelf it does not use up any more energy (as compared with the freezer). Broccoli and peas go into the freezer. Tomatoes and beans go onto the shelves...along with the berries and grapes. August is a busy time. A rush to get all the home grown goodness packed away for the winter months.


We didn't get a vacation this year. I look at my beanstalk and dream about "climbing away from it all".


Maybe I'll find the goose that lays those golden eggs...."


pacalaga said...

Ooh, those are my favorite kind of eggs.

elizabeth said...

I'm thinking seriously of buying a bunch of peas at the farmer's market and freezing them - the last ones we had were so good! Do you have to cook/parboil them first? Can you freeze them raw? I guess I need to do some research!

cyndy said... or out of the shell...blanch for 2 minutes...cold water for 1...drain and pack. You can freeze in the Ball jars...or freezer bags.

Yay! SYLF (support your local farms!)

judy said...

Lush! Beautiful patch, looks easy to get lost in.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Cyndy, I wish you would take a picture of your shelves full of your beautiful produce. I just love to see all that gorgeous delicious food sitting there waiting to be gobbled up.

I hope your DH is feeling better and all is well and good at your place.

Judy said...

While you're dealing with the giant at the top of the beanstalk-throw the golden egg laying goose down to me. I promise I will take good care of it!!!!!!

vanessa said...

can you bottle all your energy?

Manise said...

Had to rip out all of my bush beans when I returned from vacation. Too much rain and not enough sun rendered them fungally ill. My pole beans look like they might produce if the sun and warmth can manage to stay a while. And my mantid was where I left him- still in the pot of white impatiens though twice the size :-) Unfortunately he's been missing for 2 days. He may have grown his adult wings and flown away. :-( Nice bean haul btw!

Sharon said...

I have grand plans for a big bean harvest this year, fingers crossed. What do you pack the beans into - vinegar, or brine or something? I have never bottled/canned beans before, only fruit.

busy time, but rewarding too - have fun!

cyndy said...

I hot pack the beans in the water that they are par-boiled in. Some add salt..but I don't.

Beans need to be bottled or canned under pressure...10-15lbs for quarts..25 minutes..depending on your pressure cooker...always follow the directions that come with your canner.

It is a lot of work, but well worth it IMHO!

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