Monday, June 23, 2008

new cria

On Friday, late afternoon,I had a chance to go down river and see a cria who was just one week old. For those who are not familiar with the word, a cria (cree-ah) is a baby Alpaca.


Meet Isabella...(KIMBERLEE'S RC (RIVER COUNTRY) ISABELLA ). She belongs to my friend Louise of Kuhn's River Country Alpacas and they are very happy to welcome her to their world (er- herd).


Here is photo of Isabella with her mama.


The proud mama's name is Kimberlee. There was also another family member nearby...


this is her step sister, Sassy... They are all members of the biological family known as Camelidae.

Isabella is a real cutie. She makes funny little noises. Her vocalizations seem to be a combination of mewing and baaing with a sort of humming that would change in pitch from time to time. If you have ever played the kazoo, or comb & paper, it sounds a bit like that. I wondered what she was saying in Alpaca language.


I have never met a baby alpaca. For someone who is so small, she made a big impression on me. Isn't her color grand? I dream about the nice rich and luxurious fleece she will produce, resilient and strong....having a natural silky luster...with a nice long staple, maybe an excellent crimp and maybe possessing a micron count of say 21-22....that can be spun either worsted or woolen..that can be knit or woven ...having a soft handle...

In a word, it is what we spinners like to refer to as- YUMMY.


KnitChick said...

Oh yeah! I'm only a small part of the way through a bag of raw alpaca that I'm spinning on the antique Saxony. It's gorgeous, very little VM, just some sand (they like to roll in it, and in FL that's what all of the ground IS) that shakes right out. I pick up a handful straight from the bag and spin it right off the blanket! YUM is right!

Out of curiosity - was mom sheared before Isabella was born or after? I can see potential issues either way...

Q said...

Isabella is very beautiful. My daughter is fond of the Alpacas. I will tell her about your blog and thiese incredible pictues.
I am looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you.
I have always wanted to learn to weave. Maybe I will take a class and do so!
I am feeling inspired.
Thank you,

pacalaga said...

Aw, I want to scritch her ears!

Beth S. said...

Her coloring is lovely, too. Can't you just see a Shetland-type shawl made from her blanket? :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isabelle looks like a little angel with that pale halo of fur around her head. Those big expressive eyes of her momma are entrancing.

I have never seen a baby alpaca either. I did get to see a couple of baby goats this weekend. They were some kind of minature. Just darling. Aren't all babies darling?

Sharon said...

Very cute. Its funny as spinners you tend to look at fibre animals in context of how nice their yarn will be!

Donna B said...

I have had alpacas on the brain lately, and you will soon see why! Little Isabella is beautiful!

Leigh said...

Precious pictures. Yummy indeed!

Dawn said...

Enjoyed your pictures! I 'almost' bought a black male alpaca this past spring, when I bought the goats.

cindy said...

How sweet!!!

Kuhn's River Country Alpacas said...

Love those alpacas. Thanks for posting them. Isabella is doing great and now weighs 23 pounds- born at 16 1/2. Watching her being born was the greatest experience. Watching her run around is even more fun.

Also can't wait to get that fiber to the spinning wheel.

Proud Grandpacamom

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