Saturday, May 31, 2008

phenological events May 2008

phenological events

May 2008

1st - Yellow warblers
2nd - Indigo Buntings
- wasps wake up
4th - Towhee
5th - hummingbirds
7th - scarlet tanager
8th - common yellowthroat
12th - green currants
14th - asparagus bugs
22nd - crabapple sets
26th - till garden
I have now kept at least a year of phenological events...and now on the side bar, I can reference the label for phenology, and compare events from month to month.


Phiala said...

That's great! I'm hoping that putting garden photos on my blog will help me keep better track of when things happen each year.

Let me also put in a plug for the National Phenology Network's Citizen Science activity, Project Budburst.
They're asking people to keep track of the dates of certain events, so they can get a nationwide picture of variability. It's a neat project, and I think participatory science is awesome!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very good. I wish I could get myself to do this. I must Imust...

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