Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wip walk

It was a very cold and frosty, but sunny day today.


The sun was playing with the surface of the water on the river. From my vantage point, it made for interesting patterns and contrasts. I didn't walk very far just a short jaunt down to the river and back. The wind was cold and cutting. My head, however, was nice and warm because I was wearing my new bunny fur hat!


Anne from Wooly Wonka Fibers has been having a WIP Wednesday over on her blog (wip-that is work in progress for all you non knitters). A few weeks ago, I noticed she was knitting a beautiful pattern that she had designed. She was knitting it out of Bison, and she called it the Belle Starr hat (after the infamous female outlaw). When I first looked at it I imagined I would want to knit it. Soon after that, she offered it as a free pattern. Thank you Anne! (You can find the pattern on her blog, or on Ravelry.)


I decided to knit my Belle Starr hat out of my handspun angora. Pure Angora hats are often to hot for me, but done in this lace pattern, the holes provide a little bit of ventilation ;-)


The pattern was quick and easy for me to knit. While I was knitting it, I wondered if it would fit properly, especially around the brim. I always love that moment of truth when a hat is off the needles, and one tries it on for the first time...perfect!


I may have enough angora left to knit a pair of fingerless mitts....

I will be wearing my hat outdoors later sure to look for the eclipse!


Anne said...

YAY! I adore it in angora. And those lacey holes are just the reason I decided to do it with the bison. It's plenty warm even with the ventilation.

Thanks for the nice nod. I may have to make myself another bunny one now that I've seen yours! :)

Sharon said...

That hat just looks soooooooo soft, I wish computers had a touch option! I will have to grab that pattern that is just beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This hat is gorgeous and you will have gloves to match. I am green. :) It looks like a halo on you.

We just came in from watching the moon go totally dark. I love the color that it turned just when it was going dark.

We are too cold to stay out and watch it emerge. The wind has picked up again. It wasn't blowing when we first went out.

The river photo is awesome by the way. I looked at it before reading what you wrote and I was trying to figure out what it was. After I read what you said it made perfect sense. I was trying to make the white caps of the river into snow on a mountain side but it was too uniform. My mind was jumping around trying to figure it out. Fun...

Pat K said...

Amazing picture of the river. And we've been watching the eclipse tonight -- not too cold, and very clear here.

Donna B said...

Yay! I love lace hats...what a lovely way to have a lace hat that is truly warm!

KnitChick said...

Oooohhh....the hat is just divine!! Perfect for a northern winter day! (Totally doesn't work for a SOUTHERN winter day, so I'll just enjoy yours!) I love all of the nature pictures too...the river is beautiful. I look forward to seeing it through all of the seasons!

Cindy said...

I love the hat, I will definately be making one. I have worn a handknit wool hat with an angora brim for four years now, it's time for a new hat! Thanks Anne for the lovely pattern.

We had a lovely view of the eclipse here last night, but I cheated and viewed it from my bathroom window! I did go out once at total dark, but not for long. It's really too bad that this didn't happen on a hot summer night :)

Cindy in Ky

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I want to reach through my screen and pet it! It's gorgeous, Cyndy!

Judy said...

The hat and river are beautiful. Isn't it odd that with all the ice we have been getting that the river hasn't iced up like it usually does. That is not a bad thing.
You will need that hat tomorrow to keep you warm while you shovel snow!

The Gingerbread House said...

I love that looks so light and warm and the pattern is simple but says much....I tried to locate it on Ravelry and her blog , but couldn't find it ..Ginny B.

Beth S. said...

I wish I could touch it--look at that halo, it must be so delightfully soft!

annmarie said...

a beautiful hat and just right for a walk in this lovely cold weather. :) did you get a good look at the eclipse?

vi said...

i thought it was to warm up a bit..but we've been cold down this way.
we have a lot of ice out back on the way down to the duck pen

i like that hat very much

now for me.....who's head is always cold
i would probably line it!


Anonymous said...

Your river picture is fantastic, at first I thought it was iced over the way the sunlight sparkles and dances.

The hat looks so soft and warm, yet feminine. I need to visit Anne's blog and check out the pattern. :-)

No luck yet uploading to youtube. Still trying to sort out software, Linux doesn't like quicktime.

Kath said...

What a lovely hat - it looks as light as dandilion seed heads and as it it might float away on the breeze! Great pictures as always and combined with the knitting and spinning makes for blissfully relaxing reading - many Thanks!

Rich said...

How inspiring! Care to sell some of your angora? :)

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