Monday, February 25, 2008

more tracks


We had another snowfall over the weekend...enough to bring the shovel out. It sure was pretty.


The sun came out the next day and the melt, which has already started, continues to send water from the mountain top down to the river valley.


The sound of it is wonderful, the change of the season is certain now. Winter is slowing loosening it's grasp.


I've been noticing some pretty big tracks again. The woodland creatures are waking up, and they are most likely hungry.


If the chickens are let out to browse, they must be let out in the mid morning hours and put away in the early afternoon...and still we take a chance.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your poor chickens are probably happy to be in where it is safe. We too can feel winter losing its grip. I will be happy for spring.

Judy said...

I love the snow but I am sick of the cold and ice. And I am sick of the kids being sick. They need to open the windows in the shool and air it out. I had to go pick one up today. Tomorrow...more ice. But March is only days away.

Sharon said...

The snow just looks amazing! Its starting to become autumn in our part of the world, things are certainly starting to change.

Melody said...

Amazing pictures - thanks for sharing. I live in Florida and the seasons all run together here. Melody

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...


Beth S. said...

What makes a print like that? Foxes? Raccoons? Badgers? All of the above? :-)

elizabeth said...

Yes, what kind of print is that? Mountain lion? I hope not!

Cathy said...

Wonderful photos, as always.

vi said...

our snow from this past weekend's storm is about all gone now

except for that one patch of ice that did me in....i still swear it is alien ice
and may not melt until august.....maybe


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