Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ice Queen Version B

During the blocking process, I discovered not one, but two dropped stitches...that were running away with wild abandon. I managed to grab them with my crochet hook and somehow ladder them in such a fashion that you cannot see where they happened...can you? I hope not.


The chickens didn't recognize me when I wore the Ice Queen outside today. They are used to seeing me in my trusty earflap hat. I will save the Ice Queen to wear for trips into the city, where her beauty and subtleties will be appreciated...


Version B fits me better than the previous version A that I had knit earlier. I believe this is due to the fact that on the first one, I didn't use the correct yarn. Romi, the author of this pattern, addressed this recently in a blog post (do go and have a look at her purple ice, lovely!)


I realized that the wool fiber that I had used for the first one did not block out as beautifully as this one, which used the Alpaca/Silk blend from Ball and Skein. The Alpaca/Silk also has a fabulous drape. I have a smattering (appropriately) of yarn leftover, and enough beads to do another someday.

So thank you Judy, and thank you Romi...Ice Queen has been a pleasure to know!


Project Notes:

Pattern: Ice Queen by Rosemary Hill


Yarn: Arequipa
Hand-dyed Alpaca/silk
Lace Weight
over US size 8 needles
with foil lined crystal seed beads, applied with the "floss" method.



pacalaga said...


vi said...

i love the ice queen, i knit three

the first one was in mountain beads...the ducks never said what they thought...
then the other two in mohair

yours is wonderful.....and it is a very pretty color blue
looks very very nice

i have some art yarn to do one in.....and another ball of kid haze (liqour) that one i want gold beads on i think

but all that is on hold as my husband asked for a hat.... and since tomorrow is our anniversary...i am knitting him a hat!

wear your beautiful blue icequeen to town and let everyone tell you how wonderful it is

you'll see will be getting so many compliments


elizabeth said...


Stasia said...

Very, very beautiful. Thank you for the link to Romi's update, too!

DebbieB said...

Gorgeous! Cyndy, it looks like you caught the hail in your yarn, and knitted it quickly. I love it.

Manise said...

Stunning! And the beads pleases the inner crow/ magpie in me :-) Great color!

Leigh said...

Absolutely lovely! Great color choice. And nope, I can't see those dropped stitches (which is exactly the kind of thing that I would be sure to do.)

Sharon said...

It looks just fantastic! Everything about it says ICE to me. Hope that the chickens will appreciate its beauty with time!

And no, I can't see the dropped stitches! Good thing you caught them though!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yep, Ice Queen B is my fav so far. I love the color and the beads show up on it so well.

Dropped stitch??? Nope can't see it at all. You made a good fix.

I love the lichen on the rock you chose to show off your IQB on.

Linda said...

The Ice Queen is magnificent. Looks great on you too. Judy's yarns have such great depth of color.

Pat K said...

Just gorgeous!

Judy said...


Beth S. said...

Silly chickens! ;-) And to think you were doing them an honor by wearing your Ice Queen out to feed them!

judy said...

WOW! It came out beautifully. I think yours looks longer than mine. Did you increase the length?

MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! How lovely and delicate! I love your color choice and the beads!

Dawn said...

Ohhhhh Nice! Very Nice!

cyndy said...

Thank you everyone!

I appreciate your kind remarks!

Anne said...

Sigh. Just lovely. Those chickens of yours have absolutely no fashion sense obviously. :)

Romi said...

Lovely! And no, I can't see the fix. :g:

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