Friday, December 28, 2007

why notebooks?


A long time ago, before I had a virtual notebook on Ravelry, I kept a spinner's notebook. The year's end seems like a good time to update my spinner's notebook, as I'm in the midst of cleaning up bits and pieces of past projects...and re-organizing my stash, and writing a TO DO list. Out with the old, in with the new. Cathy has been doing a clean out too. We seem to be on the same cleaning schedule, previously~ we were both washing windows at the same time.

The notebook was a gift to me from my SIL, a non-spinner, very thoughtful person. She found it on eBay. It is handmade from mat board and handmade papers, bound together by ribbon. I record my scribbles about where I brought the fiber, as well as technical spinner speak notations...receipts or business cards...and other flotsam and jetsam I find noteworthy.

As I was adding the PG yarn to the notebook, I remembered that several people had emailed me wondering about the outcome of the shawl that I made with it. I had posted the finished project to Ravelry, in my virtual notebook, but didn't post it here...didn't want any peeking going on, as it was a gift.


I had success with the hand knit border, which was hand sewn to the shawl with a mattress stitch. Then the entire shawl was fulled, and the take up of the weaving and the knitting was pretty much equal and did not present any problems of rippling (which I feared could occur).


So, virtual notebook updated, natural notebook updated, and blog updated... Sheeze...seems redundant. For all of the years that I have been keeping notes, I find that I don't often refer to them for anything really important other than curiosity or a trip in the way back machine. Am I missing something here? Spinner's, what say you?


pacalaga said...

Beautiful beautiful shawl!
I don't keep a notebook, though I don't spin nearly as much as you do. I don't read ravelry for FOs either, except for my own, so I hope you still keep up your blog! (No place for redpoll pictures there.)

Donna B said...

I don't know if you're missing something, but the journal sure makes a pretty picture!

Best wishes for tea cosy stability...if you learn any secrets let us know! lol.

Cathy said...

I used to keep a spinner's notebook. The problem I found with mine is I didn't really care what I did - I have always been more interested in what's next to do.

Love the gifted shawl - it's gorgeous!!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

The former scientist in me wishes to keep such detailed records, but I'm a bit of a messy person and don't do so well at bringing together all of my spinning cards for each project and such. Seeing as I bind books though, perhaps that should be one of my goals for 2008...

The shawl is gorgeous!

Judy said...

I love the notebook you made me. It is packed away right and will need a huge updating when I get to it. However, when I do get it out I will be able to show you the green roving that I had that looks just like the one you had and tell you where I got it from and what I did with it...yes it has been driving me crazy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't spin so I don't know what a spinning card or spinning notebook is about. I do keep a garden journal,a personal journal and when we travel a travel journal. Now I have a garden blog. I like blogging because others that blog are so friendly and encouraging with comments. However I don't ever look back at my blog for information about my garden. I tend to want to hold my journal in my hand, slowly peruse what was written, drawn etc. I don't know if my blog will become more than just a chat with others.

I just love the shawl you made. The knitted edge is sweet. I hope you don't give up your blog. Even tho I don't know what the heck you are talking about regarding your spinning I like to follow the progress of your projects. I do so admire your talent.

I think your talk about your country living really captured my interest in the first place.

Sharon said...

The shawl looks beautiful! I have never kept a spinning journal or any journal for that matter! I love the idea of it, but I tend not to be able to keep updating these things, and get lazy... Your journal has inspired me though!

Terry M said...

I really like your spinner's notebook! Mine isn't so eloquent and looks a bit more like a train wreck. I've not used the notebook part of Ravelry - I kind of like having a "hard copy" at home with fiber/yarn swatches I can fondle....
Gorgeous shawl! Wow!

judy said...

I've always kept a project notebook. Copies of patterns, pictures of projects, notes on what's up for the future. I generally don't have fiber samples in it though. I keep mine portable. They go in my knitting bag and I use them for reference. Sort of what Ravelry does for us online.

Leigh said...

I love the "real" notebook idea. A virtual notebook has it's place, but yarn needs to be touched, not just admired from afar. I keep cards for my yarns, but I agree that I rarely go back and look at them. A natural notebook has the potential to be so much more creative! It could be a work of art in itself, if one is so inclined.

Also, good job on the shawl border. The whole thing turned out very well indeed.

Karen said...

What do you keep in a spinner's notebook? I've got a natural dye notebook - brief summary of what I dyed and how, with samples.

But spinning? What kind of notes are pertinent?

cyndy said...

Hi Karen-

I usually make notes that pertain to the wool and methods used to prepare and spin it...(spinner talk)

for instance...
Breed of Sheep (Alpaca, Rabbit, or Goat etc...or silk, flax etc.) and any information I might have about the micron count, crimp, staple length etc.

I will note if I prepared the fleece myself, or if it was a commerically or mill processed. If I do the scouring, I also will note how I carded it...(hand cards, drum carder, teaser, flicker..combs). Then I will note the method of spinning (woolen, or worsted...longdraw vs inchworm...) along with which wheel I used (Ashford, Canadian Production or Great Wheel).

I enclose a sample of the wool so I can see how it looked before spinning...along with a piece of finished yarn..noting things like wpi, tpi, singles or ply or cable.

If I have plans for the yarn, I will note that. If I have receipts from the purchase of the raw fiber, I will enclose them also.

Sometimes I will write a little personal opinion about the experience of working with the fiber...if I find that to be pleasurable, or if I would do anything differently the next time.

See what I mean about lots of notes? I can really get carried away!

Cathy said...

Wow! Your spinner's notebook has a lot of wonderful details. I think it would be fun to look at yours.

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