Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 went out with a flash!


The snow storm that blew in on the 31st, took a huge limb off of our old Maple that grows just outside the kitchen window. The Maple my husband built the swing in. The Maple that holds a soft spot in my heart. That swing was swung on nearly every day. It holds many dear memories.

Pictured above, is only 1/3 of the tree that came down. Note the red arrows indicating the wires that it pulled down with it when it fell.


I woke up before dawn- to see a flash of light outside my window. I've seen transformers blow before. I nudged my husband.."did you see that?" "yep...transformer.", came the reply. After that we lost power...and went back to sleep. We didn't realize that the Maple had taken out the transformer until we got out of bed and went downstairs to make a pot of coffee...


Help arrived after several calls to the power company, and the insurance company... trying to hammer out whose responsibility it was to take care of the damage. The tree even yanked the wires off the house, breaking the old ceramic rings that are mounted into the side of the cabin.


It was really a beautiful day, and I wished I could take photos of the beauty, but was busy recording the images of the repairs. But the photos made for a good analogy in my mind...encouraging me to focus on what is really important.


Noticing the soft blue sky that was starting to show through the clouds, it whispers hope for the coming year. One has to remain optimistic in this day and age. Best wishes to all in the coming year!


cindy said...

How lucky to have escaped damage to your house!!! Your pictures are so wonderful even if they chronicle the damage.

I look forward to hearing about your shawl :)

May you and DH have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

pacalaga said...

Poor old maple. I guess 2008 needs a new tree.

Cathy said...

It is sad when the old tress come down. I remember well seeing a flash, knowing it was a transformer and going back to sleep. Hope this story ended well with no out of pocket expenses.

Lovely sky thru the trees.

Terry M said...

Holy cow - I'm glad to see that nobody got hurt. It's sad to lose a big old tree like that - it's sort of like losing a backyard friend.
Stay dry and warm out there!

Valerie said...

Oh wow!! We too have that wet, heavy snow...about 8" of it.
That last picture is lovely, thanks for posting it.
Happy New Year.

DebbieB said...

Goodness, Cyndy! I'm glad it didn't fall the other way and hit the house! I'm sorry about your old tree, though.

Talk about starting off the New Year in a memorable way! Happy New Year - I wish you peace and health.

Donna B said...

That is an amazing blue sky, as if it were blue right through the clouds.

Pat K said...

Sad to lose a favorite tree (been there, done that), but at least it only fell on wires and not the house. Hope the day picks up for you. And I love the snow on trees pictures, repair work or not.

Anonymous said...

The snow makes everything look so beautiful. We have had only one snowfall of a few inches back on the 11th.

Have a very blessed new year.


Leigh said...

Wow, that was scary. Im glad it wasn't worse. Good photos.

Judy said...

I second the glad it didn't go toward the house. I woke up to no electric, unplowed roads and mom too sick to come to the wedding...was wondering if it was an omen...glad you called to tell me it was just your tree!!!! Happy New Years guys, not everyone had their own fireworks show! I wish you all the very very best this year.

Theresa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful maple tree. I grew up with my Grandma having a 100+ year old big leaf maple and it is a vivid memory for 3 generations of our family. The photos are gorgeous. I wandered over her from Spinning Daydreams and I am having fun perusing your blog!

Sharon said...

Wow the year ended with a real bang!
Bummer about the maple tree..... All the best for 2008!

Karen said...

I'm so glad it didn't hit your house! Thanks for answering my Q about what to keep in a spinner's notebook - there's more then I'd have thought!

Happy New Year!

Patrick said...

Sorry about your tree (and your transformer), but I'm glad both you and your house are safe. I hope it's all been sorted out by now. Best wishes for the new year!

Dawn said...

Sorry that you lost your lovely maple, but so glad that the damage wasn't more.

All the best to you and yours in 2008!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Cyndy I am so sorry to hear about your trouble. I think you lucky that nothing caught fire or worse.

That last photo is just beautiful. It looks like a scene in a dream.

Happy New Year to you too.

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