Tuesday, November 06, 2007

spit balls and MC Escher

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I had been wanting to do a little color work project, and this Faux Isle Glasses Case Pattern that Grace designed, was the perfect size that I had in mind. I thought it would be a quick knit for me...it should have been. It is very clever the way she arranges the colors ahead of time.

The pattern calls for you to first create 2 balls of yarn, selecting from and incorporating a palette of about 10 . Selecting the arrangement of the colors is crucial to the success of your design. The colors are then measured out and "spit joined" together. I imagine all sorts of different possibilities of results from the arrangement of colors. My first choice didn't work out so well, so Grace made these for me to get me started.

So, "spit balls" are now ready and the pattern is simple, should be a quick knit...but for me it wasn't! I must have ripped back more times than I would like to admit. I was paying too much attention to the colors and getting myself confused with the pattern. I felt as if I was lost in an M.C. Escher print! Finally, something clicked, and I was into the rhythm of the pattern and enjoying it. Now I feel ready to make another...

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To finish it, I gently fulled the outside, but vigorously felted the inside stranding. I used a wet felting method, and took a sander to it when it was dry. This created a very fuzzy inside, and one where the strands cannot hook on to the eyeglasses.

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A four stranded braid was sewn on so the case could be worn around the neck if desired.


finnsheep said...

Looks great! The way the colors come out are a fun surprise.

Sharon said...

It looks great, would also look good as a purse or small bag.

Judy said...

I need to try that...after Christmas. I love it. After it clicked how long did it take? Did you use the 3 yard skeins?

Cathy said...

Gorgeous! And I like your fulling and felting details.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

What a fun small fair isle project!

Anonymous said...

Is there any place I could go for a more-complete pattern for your eyeglass case?
I am pattern dependent and I need more direction than just the chart on Grace's blog.

I wonder if that is a sign I should not attempt Fair Isle?


cyndy said...


I was working from a complete pattern that I purchased from Grace. She was selling them at the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival. I'm sure she has some available, you can email her - the address is on the sidebar of her blog which is linked in the above post.

I think this would be a great beginner Fair Isle pattern--go for it! The hardest part is choosing your colors!

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