Friday, November 09, 2007

Fingerlings and Finishings to Start

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Fingerlings:

I have received some emails requesting to know the variety of fingerling potatoes that I grew, so I thought I would answer the questions here. They were French Fingerling (Solanum tuberosum), from seed that was purchased from Johnny. My husband calls them small potatoes with a big price tag...but these were a great producer, and taste wonderful alongside of other roasted veggies. I have been roasting them, lightly tossed in olive oil, along with winter squash, onions and garlic, even broccoli--and serving them up as a side dish. It is easy, fast and tasty. They are also the perfect size for throwing into the stew pot.

I wash these fingerlings before storing, and then again before I use them. Since they are grown organically, I don't peel the skins off because the skins contain most of the nutrients. Leaving the skins intact can also help to preserve the nutrients of the interior flesh of the potato...which can escape into that potato water when cooking....and wind up down the drain...wasted.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Finishings:

I have finished spinning the Finn/Alpaca blend! This yarn was produced on the Quebec Wheel, and is the first pound I have spun on it....sort of my "getting to know you", or "breaking in" yarn. The blend (a gift from the Hatton's) was processed and dyed at Wooly Knob Fiber Mill. It did not have a colorway title, so I am calling it Pee Gee...that is after the name of the hydrangea it is displayed with...H. paniculata 'Grandiflora'..or Pee Gee. It was the closest way to try to show and describe the color of the yarn.

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This yarn was spun longdraw, soft and lofty, but there are spots where the yarn is overspun (this is where the wheel and I were breaking each other in). It weighs in at 20 ounces, and measures out to 1218 yards of approx. 14wpi. of 2ply.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to Start:

I have already started working with the yarn. Two days ago, I took the 8ft triangle loom out and set it up in front of the piano. I used to set up and work off of the stone mantle, but the Great Wheel is currently occupying that space. Friends and neighbors that stop by no longer comment on the fact that I have turned my living room into a fiber is just the visitors that do....and they only come in the summertime ;-)


elizabeth said...

I've never seen a triangle loom. You have the neatest toys! Um, I mean, TOOLS! :o)

Cathy said...

Nice!! I told M if we ever had a family room off the kitchen - the living room would be the workroom. And the filet deer is fabulous - on the piano.

Elizabeth said...

Someday I want the house I saw listed for sale in Vermont - 1800 sq feet with an 1800 sq foot attached fully finished workshop. That would just about right for all my stuff and all his stuff.
In the meantime, my daughter complains "Mom, you have wool in every room in the house!" not true - there isn't any in the upstairs bath. The rest of the family, like your friends, have quit commenting on it.

Donna B said...

Is that lovely deer-rabbits-trees lacy thing crochet???? I love it!

Love the potatoes in the shape of a hand, and your beautiful yarn with hydrangea...sigh.

Jacqui said...

Pee Gee is so very lovely. with the color and Alpaca composition, it is like a fluffy happy Western Sunset cloud. sigh.

can't wait to see what you do with it.

pacalaga said...

What the first elizabeth said!

Pat K said...

That yarn looks so beautiful.

Sharon said...

home grown potatoes are just the best, they taste of the earth!

Your spinning looks great, looking forward to seeing the next step of the project. One day, I will learn to weave, but not yet....

Leigh said...

Lovely yarn! Are you weaving directly off your swift? Very clever; I never would have thought of that. The potatoes look yummy too.

Judy said...

Why is it we have no problem saying no to our mom's and kid's when they ask for something? My mom taught me so making her something is a thank you. So far as the kids, is it a hope that they will become interested or is it a "guess it ain't so dumb after all" moment?

Wanda said...

The way you arranged the fingerlings for the photo is so clever!

Did you get the first freeze?

Wonderful yarn! The colors are so subtle. Will you be weaving a shawl?

From a previous post - how sadly sweet that Soot accompanies you in the garden now. Any more sign of the bobcat?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Clever indeed arranging those fingerling potatoes into a hand shape.

Who can resist Pee Gee yarn with said pee gee sitting there with it.?

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