Thursday, July 26, 2007

which came first?

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Lately, I don't know why it happens, but my yarn seems to resemble whatever vegetable I am processing. It happened earlier in the year with the Pea Harvest.

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I started to wonder about which came first, the veggies or the yarn. It was the roving that caught my eye a few weeks ago when I was in Gettysburg. This is more yarn that is from the Drafting Zone. I love the way it is prepared. It spins easily on the Great Wheel. That is why I purchased it. I was not wild about the color, but the shop only had a bag of this golden color, along with a bag of hot pink. I couldn't imagine looking at a 1/2 lb. of hot pink slipping through my fingers, so I got the gold.

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This is green bean, nickel, baby gourmet (of which the chipmunk ate 2/3 of the planted seed) so I am mixing it with Goldito, baby French wax.

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Now, my mother reads my blog, Hi Mom!, and I am sure she will be examining the liquid on the head space in those jars (as will some of the other crackerjack canner's who read this blog). You all will probably notice that it is below the recommended 1/2 inch. I plead guilty to this, and have only one explanation to offer--I was spinning while the processing was taking place, and it probably reached temperature too quickly. My mother is not the type to criticize...she would simply give me that sideways glance with a wink, and say, "Just be sure you use those jars up first." Note to self: You probably should not try to multi-task when one of the tasks involves canning.


Judy said...

Love the yarn. The beans have definitely come in with a bang! I bought the Royal Burgundy so mom and nephew would find it easier but they don't as the stems are also that color. Needless to say I still have to follow behind them. However, in your spare time, if you wish to come down and handle that task I WILL step aside!!!!

cindy said...

It looks you've spun straw into gold!!! The gold is stunning.

Dawn said...

That gold yarn is lovely! So soft looking! I can't imagine multitasking those two processes .... you wouldn't want to see the mess I would come up with. {g} You do enjoy life don't you Cyndy?! Gettysburg .... I've been there .... Gorgeous place! and one we hope to return to someday.

vanessa said...

wheehee! i just looked at the lovely colors :-)

Beth S. said...

Wow, that is fabulous fiber--and beautifully spun, too! :-)

Kathy said...

Im going to try the mother WINK. Sounds like a gentle mother to me.

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