Sunday, July 22, 2007

the garden rules

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Yesterday, I spent the entire day in the garden. When you spend a long time in the garden, you see life happening, up close and personal. It is beautiful. I pulled the peas (and saved the purslane for Judy's pigs). I planted carrots and turnips for fall harvesting. I saw the reason my blueberries are not turning blue.

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So many different birds are bringing their fledgling's to the if to instruct them as to where they can get a readily available food source. It is no wonder I don't get to sample a ripe berry. I will have to cover them if I want any.

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By the time I was ready to go in, the bees were already sleeping on the coneflower. I thought I would just walk over and check in on how the string beans were doing.

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I picked beans for at least another hour. I will need to can these right away. The garden takes precedence over everything. Projects languish--suspended in time. There will be no delay in harvesting and processing a vegetable that I have nurtured to its prime. The garden rules. Let the canning begin.


Fiberjoy said...

Canning season! My string beans are just now flowering. They'll probably be ready to pick just as our kitchen is in remodeling shambles.

You captured some great details in your pics.

judy said...

Good shot of the moths. Amazing creatures. Lucky the camera is small enough to fit into the garden bag. I'm amazed you took tim eto post. Absolutely, when the garden comes in, it rules!

Terry M said...

Great garden pics! Sheesh girl - you are an entire month ahead of me! I don't get to process green beans till mid August. I am, however, taking a break from canning 36 pts of raspberry jam for all the grandkids! Wheeee!!

annmarie said...

What a lovely way to spend your Sunday. If the weather along your river is anything like the weather along the Hudson here today, the rain will be pelting you mercilessly! Good for the earth and good for knitters to sit inside and catch up on projects -or to can some beans. ;)

Cathy said...

Oh, how I soak up your veggie garden pictures. Lovely insects.

Judy said...

I wanted to get my seeds planted before the rains came but the lawns got mowed instead. Just think what this rain is going to do to the garden....see ya in about two months when it slows down!!!!!

cyndy said...

Fiberjoy- canning during a kitchen remodel? Perhaps you should freeze them this year :-)

Judy- those moths are pretty cool, they are in the spinx moth family, I think...When the garden comes in, I am its slave!

Terry M- rasberry jam!! yummy! My blackberries are not even ripe yet!
Everything in it's own time.

Annmarie- I tried to knit a little while the canner was getting up to pressure...didn't get much done, but at least there was some knitting happening!

Cathy- glad you like the veggies, sometimes I fear I bore the readers with yet another vegetable, but I do like to keep a reference for myself ;-)

Judy- I didn't get to the mower, with all this rain I shall need a machete (humm..or maybe a rowboat!)

Dawn said...

Canning ..... you are busy!! I took pics of those moths here last week. Not one turned out. They were all blurry. Thanks for yours! ... and the veggie pics too! Oh, and the bees and bugs! I enjoy all your pics. All your postings are informative, entertaining .... with lovely pics!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh what stunning photos and so detailed :)
I remember well all the satisfying days of bottling , freezing and making preserves; alas no more :(

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