Friday, July 20, 2007

walk like an onion, egyptian that is

Knock knock....

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Did you stop by for a walk on Wednesday? Yea, nobody was home. It was raining anyway. I try to walk and post on Wednesday, Judy of Smatterings started it all. I think it is a good idea. I tend to walk more in the winter time, and leave the woods in summer for the bear, snakes, ticks and other critters. I miss the woods, but I have been walking down to the river and out in the garden.

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My apologies to the Bangles...

All the old onions in the field ~ they do the sand dance ~ don't ya know?

If it rains too hard ~(Oh-A-Oh)~ they're falling down like a domino...

And they break their necks ~ set their tops ~ soon the bulblets start to grow...

They waste no time ~ (Oh-A-Oh)~ set their root ~ then they multiply.

All the plants near the growing space say: ~(Onion-Onion-OOO-AAA-Onion)~ "Walk like an Egyptian..."

I cannot help but sing this song when the Egyptian Walking Onions fall over. I think my variety is of the Catawissa Strain, believed to have originated near Catawissa, PA. They are sometimes called tree onions. They are such fun. And don't they look great in a bouquet?

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The onions I picked today will soon be walking their way to Judy (heads up Judy, they are ready now!)

Lorraine has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thanks Lorraine! Since Meresey likes to rock out to Big Rock Candy Mountain she is my first nominee...(see Meresey, you are not the only dork! I too admit to dorkdum!)

now I'm off to walk down to the Post Office.... Line your feet astreet, bend your back ~ Shift your arm, then you pull a clock!

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meresy_g said...

Glad to see that I am not the only dork. The onion song is funny. Maybe something in this PA water. Great bouquet. Is that Tithonia I see? Mine just started blooming over the weekend and I am so pleased to see it.

Judy said...

In one of the cookbooks I have, there is a recipe for canning those little onions. I can find it for you so you have something to do in your spare time...hahahahahaha!

Patrick said...

Great post! I love the song, and the bouquet!

As far as I'm aware, there is just one Egyptian Walking Onion, called the Egyptian Walking Onion. I also grew the Catawissa Onion this year, and for sure it's a different plant.

There are actually many, many different plants in this family, and for some reason a lot of them have been becoming popular in Germany, Holland and Belgium in the last few years. I think many of them are native to the area. They all have different degrees of onion or garlic flavor, and while you can always eat the whole plant, some have nicer tasting roots, greens or topsets. Honestly, many of them I don't find very exciting. A few are very nice!

Some are available via the Seed Savers Exchange if you are interested.

DebbieB said...

This completely cracked me up today. ;-)

cyndy said...

Hi Meresy-
That is indeed Tithonia!! First time I am growing it, a gift from a friend, and I find it delightful!

Hi Judy!
I would love to can them! I don't think I have enough for more than a pint or two, so find that recipe!

Hi Patrick!
Thanks for the info on the Egyptian Walking Onions! The onions I have were given to me in 1996, and I was told they were "Egyptian Walking Onions"...

They are a great plant--fun to give away, fun to eat (the big stems are great to stuff with dip-and the tops are good in stew).

I had no idea that there were so many plants in this family--whichever type I have, I do enjoy them!

Hi Debbie-
Glad to make you crack up! I had fun ;-)

Sarah said...


Love the walking onions, that's one thing I need to add to our garden, they're just so fun.

gtr said...

Hehe! But now I have that song in my head. When I was in high school, I actually danced on stage to that song. Ahem. The things we did for 4-H! (really...)

Nice onions! I'd like to find some up here someday...

Artis-Anne said...

LOL great post I was giggling through it all. Lovely floral arrangement too.
Now we call those Welsh Onions over here!! and I use the leaves instead of chives and pickle the little onions or in piccalili

Fiberjoy said...

CLever onion song, fun post!
I've never seen those kinds of onions. Another plant for next year. :-)

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