Friday, June 01, 2007

slideshow (snoozer)

I made a cheezey slideshow of what is going on out in the garden... if you don't want the music to play, just click on that little speaker on the bottom left of the picture screen.

My edamamae soybeans have been eaten, by a chipmunk. Foiled again! I have ordered more, and hopefully will get a crop in that I can harvest before September frost...

And I have not forgotten that this is a fiber blog...I have been busy dyeing, and hope to have time to post results this weekend.

May 07 notes 1st bloodroot
2nd yellow warbler
pine warbler
yellow rumped warbler
black & white warbler
american redstart
common yellow throat
northern parula
ruby crowned kinglet
4th indigo bunting
5th Baltimore oriole
7th Orchard oriole
9th transplant lettuce
12th female hummingbirds
lilacs bloom
14th transplant broccoli
planted potatoes
20th caddisfly larvae hatch


judy said...

that was fun! I am happy to see that I have company in my plastic coated tomato bed.

Judy said...

I loved the slideshow. I just bought more cuc seeds to finish my row out. I am getting ready to pull the spinach and radish and put in some beets for little man...or dye?! No little man!

Spinner Gal said...

Back online and playing catch up, glad to see all is well with you!

debey said...

thank you for the garden tour!!It's always fun to see how othger ppl grow the same kind of veggies, just different ways, soils are he biggest factor....thanks, again!

meresy_g said...

I love your slideshow! That was so fun! I can't wait to do one. All about chickens. Hee!

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