Thursday, May 31, 2007

wade with me wednesday

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The Honeylocust are blooming.They smell fabulous. I adore the smell of these trees. They are one of my favorites. The blossoms float down to the ground on the breeze when you walk by.. and you are surrounded by the fragrance. They grow along the river. So on a hot day, as I try to plant the last of the squash and sunflowers, and the bugs are bad..the honeylocust and the river call to me. Memorial Day has past. It is time to go.

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Wade with me!

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The water is cool and refreshing, but watch your step, the rocks are slippery when wet. The water is still to cold for a dip. It is rare that I would even think of swimming until the 4th of July, but I do love to go wading.

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I took some Honeylocust home with out if you pick um...they are thorny devils...but they make the kitchen smell heavenly!


annmarie said...

Growing up in Georgia, I always had the chance to wade in creeks that ran through my grandmother's property and in the little creek that ran through the ravine in my own suburban yard. Who would have thought back then how lucky I was? :)

Dawn said...

The village I grew up in boasted two lakes and a brook, and was only a couple of miles from the ocean. I waded in all of them. :-)

Your blossoms look lovely. We don't have Honeylocust here.

Judy said...

Driving home from Dr's last night I got to smell the honeylocust. I did a repeat drive tonight on the way home from the movies... all I can say is heavenly!

Fiberjoy said...

The honeylocusts are spreading their heavenly fragrance here also.


Just the refreshing walk I needed.

judy said...

I can smell them in your pictures. Jump on in, this early heat really hits hard.

meresy_g said...

The honeylocust have been over here for over two weeks. We have many of them in the yard as they tend to grow like weeds. They do have a heavenly scent though.

Leslie said...

I didn't know honey locust until I moved to WV a couple of years ago. They are a major source of nectar and pollen for the honeybees in the area and they do smell lovely.

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