Monday, June 18, 2007

new do

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Aside from the Graduation/ Father's Day activities this past weekend (which were most enjoyable)... Lakota got a haircut.

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She is very easy to clip, very patient, but still very timid. I have tried my best to win her trust, but she is as tame as a wild rabbit. Occasionally, she will come to me, but only if I offer her favorite treat, and even that is subject to her mood.

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Despite her small size, she continues to be a good Wooler, with an average staple length of 3 inches, nothing fabulous mind you, but free of matt with a fair yield of prime fiber. I harvested 3.5 ounces of prime and 1.5 of grade 2.

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She also had her nails done ;-)


Leslie Shelor said...

She has beautiful color! There should be some haircuts around here in the next couple of weeks, too!

Dawn said...

That was quite a load to have removed! I'm certain she'll be more comfortable for the coming heat now.

meresy_g said...

So do they act happy when all that hair is removed? LIke running around and kicking up heels? I'm sure these past 90+ degree days have made her feel relieved.

cyndy said...

Yes, they do act a little bit different...sometimes they seem frisky, it depends on the rabbit and the individual personality (much like people!)

Judy said...

If I had known you had the scissors out I might have stopped by to get my own cut! I had hit the point were I was going to get the shears out to give myself a buzz, but I got a phone call telling me to come in today. I got it cut nice and short just in time for the next heat wave!

vanessa said...

too cute with the new do :-)

Leigh said...

Oh, I love these photos. I miss my angoras. It seemed to me that the boys were always friendlier.

Leslie said...

Those "pre haircut" photos crack me up every time. I mean, seriously... how do you tell the head from the butt when they're that fuzzy?

cyndy said...

heh heh...simple...the carrots go in one end...and the dingle berries go out the other...:0)!

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