Saturday, June 16, 2007

you gotta know when to fold them....

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Friday afternoon at the library, I spun a bobbin of the wool/mohair that I dyed at Grace's house a few weeks ago. The wool was dyed with Jacquard Acid dye- color 607 Salmon- (Thanks to Audrey who let me jump into her dye bath!).

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I only dyed a few handfuls so that I could see what kind of results I would get...sort of an experiment...but I am happy with the results. The mohair took the dye readily...and is colorfast.

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I tried spinning some of the mohair from the fold, because I wanted to maintain the color subtleties of the roving... but I was getting to thin. I am trying to spin my singles a bit thicker these days. The yarn above measured 14 wpi. A discussion arose about spinning from the fold, and if there was a disadvantage of having the twist lock the fibers in half. I know it does not matter with silk, but I am wondering about wool.

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Leigh said...

This looks wonderful! I don't do much spinning from the fold and also had trouble maintaining thickness. You did a great job with it however and the color integrity looks great. The salmon is a lovely color.

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