Wednesday, April 25, 2007

walk with me wednesday, under the big red umbrella

My weather man advised me to get my walk in before 3 pm. I made a mental note of that, try as I might, it didn't happen for me.

But that is OK, because I have this..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket big red umbrella. I have had my big red umbrella for many years. Jackie T. gave it to us on the day we were married. It has served us well. I think of Jackie T. whenever I open the big red umbrella. He was a very good friend, who didn't walk this earth for as many years as we would have wished. Big Jack. I smile whenever I think of him.

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I like to walk in the rain....especially a spring rain.

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It smells so fresh. It sounds so gentle. It is a sound that relaxes me. Each rain drop echos under the big red umbrella. I am not aware of how long I stand and watch and listen to the rain under my big red umbrella. Suddenly, I am aware that there is a frog who is singing, I know that he is very close, right next to me, but I cannot find him. "Show yourself", I ask him..."so that I may admire you!" He stops singing. Oh well.

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The forsythia and the magnolia are just beginning to open their petals. No wonder the words, "spring" and "sublime" often appear in the same sentence.


Pat K said...

I can almost hear the raindrops hitting the leaves as you walk. Better yet, I can almost smell the rain. (Arizona girls have this thing about smelling rain. At least this one does.)

Fiberjoy said...

Thanks for taking us on a gentle paced walk. There is nothing quite like spring rain and the sense it brings of cleansing, growth, and renewal.

elise said...

I wish that more people gave me wedding gifts instead of money. I could have used a big red umbrella yesterday, instead I used one of my girls old "power puff girls" kid sized umbrellas. No one laughed at me but I think they are just used to me looking a little weird!

meresy_g said...

Everyone should have a big red umbrella. And a real yellow rain slicker.

Leslie Shelor said...

What a lovely spring journey! My forsythia didn't survive the Easter freeze; thanks for sharing yours!

vanessa said...

i miss spring!

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