Wednesday, April 25, 2007

thinking blogs

This riverrim blog has been nominated for the Thinking Blog Award by Cathy from Catena Expressions. thank you Cathy- I am really happy to receive it, and I appreciate your kind words-and btw..thanks for thinking of me!

As a recipient of this award, I must agree to pass the award to 5 other blogs that make me think. Since I like to think about a myriad of subjects...I picked according to things I like to think about-

  • rivers- the rivergeek keeps me up to date on the rivers in my area.

  • rabbits- Leslie provides great photos and description of her rabbits and their habitat.

  • farm life- Maggie is working her farm!

  • spinning wheels- Grace and Fred are always finding and restoring beautiful wheels and assorted fiber equipment...

  • plants- Rebsie passes along her knowledge and experience in plant breeding along with great information on heirloom varieties.

I congratulate these bloggers for making me think! Should you choose to participate please include: "The rules are if (and only if) you are nominated for this award, you must pass the Thinking Blogger Award to five others and describe why." You can find the code for the button here


Cathy said...

It's difficult choosing just 5, isn't it? Now I have more to read. Thank you.

Anne said...

All good ones. Especially Leslie's with her bunnies and her Blue Ridge vistas. :)

Leslie Shelor said...

Blush. I'm honored and also abashed, as you were one of the ones I had chosen for my list. Can I still put you on?

Leigh said...

Hi, I am visiting your blog via Catena Expressions. I have visited before but can't recall if I've ever commented. You post lovely photographs.

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