Sunday, April 22, 2007

Plethodon cinereus

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Redback salamander- was under the rotten wood that I was cleaning up near the greenhouse. We see them often around here, and I suppose he was feeding on some of the ant eggs that were also in the rotten wood. I was very careful not to touch him with my hands when I moved him to a new location near the stream bed in the rock wall. He breathes through his skin and the roof of his mouth..he has no lungs

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The catkins on the River Birch are blooming...and spring has finally arrived along the riverrim. The evenings have been especially pleasant. The air is mild and filled with the first smell of spring. The sound of spring peepers resonates from the pools where they gather. I have only seen a spring peeper once. It was very small, smaller than a quarter. And it was almost white. For something so small it has a very large voice.

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The waxing crescent or fingernail moon is beautiful just after sunset. I watch the evening fall, and notice the tiny buds of the maple. All of the trees are now in bud, holding their summer secrets. And I am reminded of how much I love this time of year.


Pat K said...

Beautiful, evocative pictures. Even of the little slimy guy! I so love to visit and see what's happening on the river.

judy said...

Friday evening I heard the first peepers this spring. I went home and put the screen inthe bedroom window so that I could hear them into the night.

Anne said...

Spring and fall - my two favorites - maybe because they are seasons of change? As usual though, lovely pictures that make me homesick for the east.

Leslie Shelor said...

And a beautiful time of year it is by your river! No peepers here yet, though things are starting to bloom (again!)

Stacey said...

I also love Spring - Spring and Autumn. We're having decidedly odd weather here with unseasonably high temperatures. Poor plants don't know whether they're coming or going :(

meresy_g said...

A perfect combination of pictures. I miss salamanders. It seems when I was a child that there were salamanders under every rock. I haven't seen one in years. But I guess I don't look under rocks that much anymore. Spring is just bursting around here. The last week was just crazy.

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