Saturday, April 21, 2007

breakfast anyone?

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Breakfast anyone? We can slow down and have a tête-à-tête over some coddled eggs. (did you notice the true tête-à-tête in the vase?... it has a double bloom on a single stem, hence the name.) The egg avalanche of 2007 has far, no broody hens to speak of, so the eggs are free for the taking!

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Last week I got to thinking about a question that had been posted to the triloom group concerning the use of the triangle loom for tapestry weaving. I decided to experiment. I was able warp, somewhat, in a vertical fashion...but I did bring the warp thread around two nails on the sides of the loom in order for it to work. I have been wondering if the same would work if I string the warp threads horizontally.


cyndy said...

Sorry, I had to turn on the word verification for comments...I was getting spammed...I will keep it on for a few weeks, and then shut it off again...

vanessa said...

i love your tapestry!
and i don't understand littering.

Leslie Shelor said...

The comment verification doesn't bother me, anyway, but spam is disturbing! Love the eggs and daffy picture; makes me long for my own hens again. And the tapestry looks great!

Fiberjoy said...

Our neighbors chickens started laying again. Our breakfast eggs are the same colors of greens and browns. After a couple of months of store bought eggs it was a delight to eat "real" eggs again.

Your weaving opens up new vistas. Hmmm, a lot to explore!

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