Monday, April 30, 2007

march and april phenological notes

phenological events March 07

8th Wood Thrush
10th Fox Sparrow
18th Robins arrive
23rd Phoebe arrives
25th Redwing blackbirds
26th Tree Swallows

phenological events April 07

2nd first wasp
8th sycamore seeds disperse
15th warbler migration begins
19th coltsfoot, marshmarigolds
21st horsetail
24th yellow warbler
25th ruby crowned kinglet


meresy_g said...

What I great idea. I should write mine down as well. I notice these events every year, but don't have them recorded to compare one year to the next.

cyndy said...

well, I would like to have a better way to catalog them...but so far I am trying to place them on the blog with a make it easier for me to reference. The method that works the best for me? The 15 years worth of old calendars hanging on the penny nail at the top of my cellar steps!!

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