Tuesday, May 01, 2007

finding courage

The moon was so bright last night, I was tempted to move my wheel onto the deck and spin by the moonlight. I just had a little bit of plying to do...it would have been feasible.

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I am still working my way through the farmers blend... I figure when all is spun, it will yield a little under a pound. Then the fun can begin. I intend to dye it!

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I've had a bunch of Cushings Acid Dyes that I purchased from Countrywool--over a year ago. Hopefully, I can muster enough courage to use them.

White wool presents the same challenge to me as a blank sheet of paper waiting for the paint. I am presently facing this challenge with a water color I have been commissioned to paint.

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It has been a while since I have picked up my brushes, which makes it even harder.

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Intimidation strikes, and making that first mark requires prudent forethought to minimize risk....or does it? Judy seems to be able to jump right in...no fear! Go have a look at the magic she pulls out of the pot!


elizabeth said...

That's beautiful! Maybe that's why I dye roving instead of spun yarn, I don't know I'd have the courage to dye after all that spinning! But I know it'll be lovely!

judy said...

One of the wonderful things about dyeing is that it can have many layers, each making the last richer.
Step right in.
Watercolors are much more demanding.

Judy said...

You will do a great job, you always do, it is that great attention to detail that you have. Hopefully I will get to see it in person before you ship it off.

wyldthang said...

Hi! After doing the BioBlitz and coming up with all sorts of lichen, I want to experiment with lichen dyes. Have you ever used lichens? And...I've got soem awesome watercolors from Daniel Smith that are made from semiprecious stones(turqouize, tiger's eye, etc.) I don't get much time to play with painting(maybe when I retire, ha!), but they're beautiful(and a good value too). Have a great day!

Artis-Anne said...

Its amazing I too was looking out at the moon last night and it is every bright here also.
That is beautiful spinning. I too see the white fleece as a blank canvas and I love dyeing as its my way now of expressing colour. The only thing I too am apprehensive about is dyeing a large amount of spun yarn to get an uniform colour. The most I have done is 400gm and it came out a bit patchy; so I will be very interested in how your dyes work.
I too used to paint until a few years ago but have lost that mojo :(

elise said...

You are quite talented! As I was reading this post I was thinking of how wonderful your yarn looked. Then was surprised when I saw that you have the talent to paint too!

meresy_g said...

I love your painting. I can see how dyeing yarn would be like watercolor. It is a big leap of faith. Especially after you've spent all that time.

vanessa said...

your painting is wonderful!

Cathy said...

How wonderful to see your work in another medium! Love it.

Cindy said...

Really I have done both, dyeing yarn and watercolors and the yarn is much much easier! Both still have that same sense of not knowing just how the finished project will look though, which to me is the _only_ reason for doing either one!

To Artis Anne About the concern of getting all of the skein an even color, be aware that the subtle shading of home dyed yarns is what makes it unique, and not store bought. Knits up lovely with that shading too.

I had the opportunity to dye with a lichen in a natural dye class, and the shade was non descript tan, however interesting. It looked to me just like every medeval piece of cloth you see reinactors use (laugh) and when I mentioned that in class the instructor laughed and said well that is true period. In those days everyone's clothes looked alike, there were only so many dye pots the common poor folk could use.

Anne said...

Oh pooh - I'm sure you will be fine with ALL your endeavors. It is lovely yarn, even without gilding the lily by adding color.

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