Saturday, March 17, 2007

dude--where's my car -again?

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Last month, we experienced the St. Valentines Day snowstorm digout. Today, we are having a St. Patricks Day snowstorm digout!

It is a heavy 18 inches of snowpack...slushy at the bottom, but we have to shovel it out of the way...the temps are going down to 9 degrees tonight, so it will all freeze.

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The birds are nice to listen to as we shovel...the fox sparrow has parked himself beneath the feeder.

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Not much in the way of anything other than snow removal getting accomplished today, but there is corn beef and cabbage simmmering on the stove. Happy St. Patricks Day! We should be seeing Grada tonight...darn can see them on youtube by going here


Cathy said...

Oh my. I thought I had enough of snow. Now it's your turn. Love the fox sparrow. Hope he makes it through.

meresy_g said...

It was a pretty storm. Glad we didn't get quite as much as you got there. And thankfully it was a light fluffy snow, east to shovel. It was definitely a weekend to birdwatch, although I wasn't the only one watching. Occasional blood marks on snow around the feeders indicated that our Kestrel and multiple red-tails were watching as well.

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