Sunday, March 18, 2007


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Today there was a lot of birdsong....and house hunting.

The bluebirds came through, along with a flock of 9 robins.


Judy said...

During the storm the red winged blackbirds came by for some food, along with a bunch of grackles. Today the usual ones stopped in and we had a purple finch. The birds will be in a frenzy on Saturday when it hits 65 degrees....I can't wait.

Fiberjoy said...

That was quite the late snowstorm! Did you get the car shovelled clear? One rare late season snow fell on March 18th here in Oregon back in 1969. My brother was thrilled to have snow on his birthday.

The birds are filling the air with song these warm spring days.

judy said...

Bluebirdsin the snow!! There's no turning back now.

cyndy said...

Aren't the birds wonderful this time of year? I need to change houses for that bluebird--they have come looking at that wren house several times, and it is not deep enough for them. Do you think if play the old switch-er-roo and hang a bluebird box in its place that they will take it?

Cathy said...

Oh, bluebirds! How wonderful to see.

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