Saturday, February 03, 2007

seed order

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Have you ever wondered about the history of seed distribution? What did the first seed catalog look like anyway? There is a terrific online historical Horitculture reference library at If you are interested, there is much useful information to be gleaned!

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Finally finished putting together my seed order this year. I will order by telephone. I like talking to the folks I am ordering from, I have learned a lot by doing this too. I am ordering from 2 different sources this year.

A new addition this year is the edamame soybean. I have selected a "good northern exposure" variety. Also, I have given up any hope of trying the Lisianthus after I read it wanted a 140 days! .....Some relationships just aren't to be.

So here is the list:

green bean baby gourmet/ nickel

Be sweet/ edamame soybean

cylinder beet/ rodina

windsor/ broccoli

imperator type carrot/ purple haze

Bak Strain carrot/ coreless amsterdam

sweet corn /trinity

kale/ winterbore

pea/ norli

radish /cherry belle

millet/ highlander

potato /french fingerling

tomato /Amish paste

winter squash/ sunspot (kabocha)

pumpkin /Amish pie Quaker

wizard mix /coleus

Gladiolus/ mix Centennial

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I have so many other seeds on hand that I will be growing, and starting in the greenhouse within weeks. The next step is to make my garden plot plan.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog from festival of the trees. Teasel snow hats make me smile too ;0) I really like your old window shot too. I like pausing at old windows and wondering who looked out of them. I have the same kind of treadmill too ;0). I'm going to put a link to you on my blogs: and (come visit--I'd give you tea and cookies;0) Have a great day! Celeste

debey said...

i'm jealous, already....i really miss the greenhouse....i forsee another one in my future, but until i know how big the garden will be............

Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, to be thinking of spring in such cold weather, lovely!

cyndy said...

Welcome! Thank you for listing me on your blogs!
I stopped by for tea a cookies, and liked your essay for the festival of the trees- great!

there is always the windowsill to fill up ;-)

Burr, it is freezing here! But actually my seed order is a bit late!

Judy said...

You are doing squash!!!!! I had to go back and re-read just to make sure I actually saw that! If they all do good, do you want to trade? I got Delicata and LI Cheese squash. Let me know how the fingerlings do. The potatoes are usually mom's choice and she doesn't vary from her tried and true varieties.

cyndy said...

Yes Judy- It is true, I am going to raise squash this year. It has been at least 4 years. We shall see if the experiment to eradicate my nemesis (the striped cucumber beetle) will be successful. Let us hope it was worth it!

I'll be happy to trade off, oh and I tried those fingerlings before, but missed the harvest...they came back and we did harvest a few this year..the blue ones didn't make it.

meresy_g said...

I hate striped cucumber beetles also. Evil little bugs. Your seed list sounds great! Hope you are starting seeds or playing with dirt or something gardeny on this frigid day.

Anne said...

Unfortunately our current garden space lives in the back yard with the White Tornado, aka the Brittany dog. I hesitate to put anything back there, but at our NEXT house, she will have her own space and I will have mine. She has recently been "pruning" my rose bushes for me and there is a litter of rose branches all over the back yard right now.

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