Saturday, February 03, 2007

letting go

Many thanks to everyone for the kind and comforting comments that you left for me concerning the loss of my angora rabbit, Jack. I appreciate your words and thoughts.

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I have had several dreams of Jack. And I saw a wild rabbit running on the hill a few days ago. We never have wild rabbits around here.

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A friend of mine who happens to be an accomplished art therapist, once suggested to me that it is good to work through grief or loss by making something. So I did.The construction and the medium have symbolism known only to me. But I found this exercise to be helpful.

I wove Sikuli to remind me that only God has "the power to see and understand things unknown". I hope it will help me to accept what I cannot change.


Cathy said...

Nice way to let the sorrow out of your heart

Lorraine said...

Extraordinary! Love the art piece. Since we're facing the loss of a beloved pet, I may borrow the idea as well.

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