Thursday, November 30, 2006

hang up the hoes

It is time that I hang the hoes for the year. With the wonderful weather we have been having, it would be possible to keep working, but it is time, the ground will soon freeze and the soil sleep.

The winter rye has germinated...spotty at best. No wonder, the seed is over a year old, purchased from Cornell, remember?

A few beets still linger down in lower bed...left there for "experimentation purposes".

Meanwhile, work begins on another project, which cannot be disclosed because it shall become a gift eventually. I overdyed some of the alpaca/finn and the color is what I call "purple oxalis".

events for November Nov 1st - golden crowned kinglets Nov 2nd - dug dahlia, 4oclocks


Spinner Gal said...

Ah, yes, sleep is good. Wish I had that option.

Good luck with your rye and experimental beets.

Love that yarn, what a gorgous purple that is.

Judy said...

That purple is beautiful. I need to start a project as I haven't knit all week. I have been hand carding my finn and spinning that.

amanda said...

Your dyed yarn is beautiful!

Brigid said...

I thought the ball of yarn was a giant beetroot for a second! I'm afraid I hung up my hoe weeks ago - it has been so wet there's no hope of working the heavy soil here.

elise said...

Funny, I thought the same thing as Brigid!

vanessa said...

your purple yarn is beyond gorgeous

Judith said...

Me too, I love the purple yarn. I also adore the hoes photo--says so much.

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