Tuesday, November 28, 2006

walk with me wednesday

Over at Smatterings, if it is Wednesday there will be walking. I look forward to checking in on the participants of Walk with me Wednesday. It is fun to read about their walks, and see the photos that they post. I have asked to be added to the list, and hope that I can keep up the pace because I really enjoy walking.

You can always find a good excuse to get out for a walk...fresh air, exercise, time out etc...but there are times when one feels the NEED to walk ...just to keep in touch with the elements. Actually, it is when I am walking that I am IN my element!

Walks, for me, are seldom long enough. Sometimes, the pace is fast, today it was not. Some days, an object of interest will present itself, and find its way into my pocket, or onto a shelf for closer observation. Today there were no such objects.

Today the things that caught my eye did not fit in my pocket...!


judy said...

I got lucky and checked you out just before I went up to bed. Lovely images to take with me tonight. Thanks for the walk.

Pat K said...

Beautiful pictures! I really enjoy the Wednesday walking pictures. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your walking posts.

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